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  1. Joelz

    Joelz Verified Request 2.0

    Cancel this - due to a some irl events I'll barely be active for some time.
  2. Some of you may remember me, some may not. Either way, let me introduce myself; My name is Joel, I was born 2003 and I am 15 years old. I started playing back on the server in 2015, quit in 2017 and decided to come back recently. Looking through my previous activity on this forum, I noticed that I had an old verification request. That request was horrible, and I don't comprehend how I thought that using "smileys" such as "o3o" was a good idea. Either way, moving on! I wish to become a verified player on Team-NeO as I more or less want to help people that are new to the server, informing them about certain topics that they don't seem to understand, such as the rules (No intent to backseat-moderate). I feel like I should be trusted with this rank within the hierarchy as I've been playing on this community for quite some time now, almost 3 years at this point. I am able to be rather active, I aim for 2 hours a day, which I tend to achieve unless any issues appear in real life. *****HIDDEN DUE TO CHANGE OF MIND*****
  3. Joelz

    Verified Request

    I probably wont get it anyways But I promise, you will dude!
  4. Hi all you people that's reading this, I've actually been thinking about being verified, and I'll let you know why, I want more people to trust me, for example, If I want to trade, most people wont trust me or anything 2. I am a nice person, ( in my opinion ofcourse o3o ) And I am glad to help people out more, I find it 90% impossible to help people out if you ain't verified+ cause no one will trust you ( Exceptions apply ) 3. I will also be on alot more and report / help alot more, cause i will ofcourse be online more :D And another thing is that I am so pissed off at the hopper thing, I probably wont get Verified, But I have to give it a shot!
  5. I've sent alot of links in PM / PC, This time I did it aswell, I didn't realise it had ".com" in it and apparently that instabans you for 1 hour, it was a damn picture of a Minecraft tower for inspiration to phillipzu, Like just cause an link has ".com" in it doesn't mean it will harm, Get another plugin for that one please... And I'd also like to be unbanned. I know it's just 1 hour but that 1 hour could get alot of work done...
  6. Joelz

    .com = op

    my username is Joelz (obviusly) I got banned for trying .com ples gamma senpai unban meh
  7. I would actually like to be verified, It isn't needed but I like giving new people some armor, atleast if they are nice to me ! :laugh: - - Joelz Shortest verified request 2015 #yolo
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7v_U1Rln6pI That is Frazer8's youtube channel. The video it will show you is him teaching people how to download hacks. How do I know it is him? Skip to 5:17 then look at the chat.

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