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  1. moeed9daska

    A Hilarious Gaint

    I think its funny, me and BlueFlameMaster killed it anyways!!
  2. moeed9daska

    Got banned for no reason!

    Edit: My ingame username is: moeed9daska Reason for ban: I already posted my reason above Reason for unban: i am not using any xray, she was saying remove it, how can i remove it if i dont have one. I am not even using forge to run any mod.
  3. moeed9daska

    Got banned for no reason!

    I was just minning underground, i did not found any diamond for a long time (for more than 2 hours). I was just going through a cave and there was lava in front of me, so i turned and started minning towards left, after a while i found some diamonds under me (i was very happy). Then suddenly FAITHY said that i am using xray but i was not using any xray , she was saying again and again that i have xray and i told her many times that i had no xraybut she was saying that i am using one. She banned me after a while. (she also killed me and took my stuff for no reason, i want justice) I want justice and all my stuff back.

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