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  1. accepted Sammy's Request for Creative

    OH and i've played since 1.0. Around 2014 i believe.
  2. Hola! 1) As everyone should know, my IGN is ayyeeeitsammy 2) Well, I could build better builds in creative really, tbh. But, I enjoy survival. Creative is a way to build something and then see if you like it. And, in the case, if you do like it, you now have a model to go after to build it in survival. Only after getting all the materials xD 3) Build things that are better than I can do in survival ; Model things and in return, build them in survival for my Island Kingdom (of which i will either keep or destroy once it's built in survival) ; Just enjoy myself in Creative, Creative is way to explore yourself and find new building styles. And if somethings ugly, just tell me to destroy it XD 4) Other than my job (it has slowed down, i am finally fully staffed again, not two people short) ; I have a Vacation in March to DCm, and a Vacation in May to Arizona (7 day trip) I wish everyone best of luck on your request, I will see you all in creative in exactly 2 years from now! lmao xD
  3. NeO Port Authority

    NeO Port Authority Lives Another Day! Due to recent events, the Port Authority has opened once again! A BIGGER and BETTER NeO Intercontinental Airport will begin construction very soon! Keep an eye out in the Private World and stayed tuned into this topic to see all of the construction!
  4. accepted Fnord Private World

    good luck fnord! :)
  5. accepted Sammy's Request

    Yay! <3
  6. accepted Sammy's Request

    Well hello there! Two years later, and an awesome PC upgrade, haha! My in game name is ayyeeeitsammy just like my forum name. I am a verified player, have been for, a while (shhhh don't judge, I don't remember the date). I am a monthly auto-subscriber, even though I have not played regularly in the past, I have always enjoyed this server and the people that I play along with. I want to make sure that this server is alive for quite a while. (ps: and hopefully after i payoff some bills, i can support more) I would like to build a house that I do not have to worry about moving every time MC is updated, the flatlands are awesome space that can be terraformed after you build. That was, I could build things without having to flatten the land. I mean, I do not plan on being out for a prolonged period of time. My new job requires me to work Monday through Friday, sometimes 8-10 Hours a day. I am a Loan Officer at a Consumer Finance Company; sometimes I work Saturdays as well. Other than that, I have a vacation planned in March for Washington, DC and just came back from Lady Gaga's concert in Washington, DC in November. I expect to be online at least an hour each day, permitting I am home and not at work or at the gym. Thank You for reading <3 ayyeeeitsammy
  7. accepted Sammy's Request

    ayyeeeitsammy Well, I love building and that's not a good enough reason lol. I just would like to be able to show off my builds better then living in a random jungle so far away from everyone else. :biggrin: Build things. Depending on the size, I may build a very small airport. lol But kinda like make a town, maybe build a McDonalds or Fire Station. Things in that nature. I work a Full Time job now, Saving money for school next year. I will obviously be more active but, depending on a days hours may determine how long I am online. :biggrin: Thanks for reading.
  8. NeO Port Authority

  9. visionzCraft ( =vCraft= ) Information

    Weekly visionzCraft Clan News! Clan Base News Construction on the visionzCraft Clan Base will begin this week! I have put off this build for too long and its time to become an actual clan with a physical base! Location and Information will be posted in Clan MOTD on MC. Coords will be /mail 'd to all members once the location is found. Recruitment We are still recruiting for our clan! (Obviously! lol) If you know someone who can create amazing builds and wants to be in a clan OR join a different clan (we don't discriminate #equality) shoot me a message with their in-game name and I will follow through! And if you are the person that wants to join, shoot me message on MC or Forums and I will contact you to inspect your current builds on the Team-NeO Server. FTB Builds will be accepted next week. You must be able to show me proof that you have built what you submitting as proof of good builds. If you submit a build that is not your creation, you will permanently removed from the visionzCraft Clan with NO consideration for another application. Current Members Our current members are: Traxle Em0rTa1xKILLA toadman121 NeO_Voltron ( Honorary Member) Reaperwithin ( Honorary Member) cococonor97 ( Honorary Member) This has been your weekly news from visionzCraft! Bai :)
  10. Minecraft Super Hardcore World?

    I would love to see that! (I am not a big pvper but I do love UHC >:D) How about putting that on a SkyLands world, were we could build out island and then when we die have to start over on a new island. Just a thought :D
  11. visionzCraft ( =vCraft= ) Information

    visionzCraft Clan Base has moved! After careful consideration the location that was chosen for the clan base was decided to be to close to ayyeeeitsammy's primary home. I am currently looking for new locations. Clan Membership News We have grown to 4 actual members! aminetrend's membership has been terminated! They have one more chance to join visionzCraft Clan! Days Remaining: 0 Days Until Termination of Membership My laptop crashed last week and was sent back to the HP Technical Repair Center. Due to the same Wireless Board Issue and a Memory Issue. I should receive it back on Monday or Tuesday (scheduled for Monday)! I am also in the process of upgrading the Office Portion of my room. During the summer of 2015 I will be getting a job and getting two new monitors, monitor stand, and upgrading my laptop due the free one year warranty I will be getting due to the defectiveness of this laptop. See you all regularly starting Monday! :smile: This was your weekly vCraft News! Tune in next week to see what happens! :biggrin:
  12. NeO Port Authority

    Once Terminal 1 and Concourse A of NIA are completed I will look into your aircraft. xD
  13. ayyeeeitsammy has been promoted to: Verified

    Thank You guys!! :smile: :biggrin: :cool:
  14. NeO Port Authority

    Thanks! Haha
  15. NeO Port Authority

    NeO Port Authority Welcome to the NeO Port Authority Topic! Here is where you can find out any information about the Airports in the Team-NeO Minecraft Server! Our Current Airport list includes the following, NeO International Airport. If you would like to build an airport inside of our Port Authority, please let the Port Authority Director know the following: Name of Airport Airlines that serve the airport Number of Gates, Runways, Taxiways Coordinates to the Main Terminal (Terminal 1 or A NOT a Terminal B or 2) Parking Lot and/or Garage Once you have given all that information to Port Authority, the Port Authority Facility Manager will inspect the Airport and give his/her approval. If and When your airport is given Port Authority Status, Board of Directors will need to be /trust 'd to the land. Work on NeO Intercontinental Airport will commence shortly! NeO Port Authority Board of Directors Port Authority Director: ayyeeeitsammy Director of Creation: ayyeeeitsammy Acting Revenue Director: ayyeeeitsammy Acting Facility Manager: ayyeeeitsammy