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  1. RubiksCuber27

    10th Anniversary Gifts (All claimed.)

  2. RubiksCuber27

    [Rubiks] Clan Information

    Sounds good. I'll update my forum above. If you want to do something in game to make it "more official" or something let me know.
  3. RubiksCuber27

    Rubik's Base Tour

    Thanks guys! And yeah Volty, I briefly explained in the video about how my clan kinda died out, so yeah, I'm pretty much the only one I know of living there right now.
  4. RubiksCuber27

    Rubik's Base Tour

    A tour of my base/clan town as of about 8-10 months after starting on it. I plan to continue working on it even more throughout 2016. Enjoy!
  5. RubiksCuber27

    Phantom Possible PVP mods

    Phantom just admitted to ban evading under the name "aseraesr":
  6. RubiksCuber27

    Rubiks Private World Request

    1. Ingame name- RubiksCuber27 2. Why- I consider my playing style to be along the lines of an architect, as building is one of my favorite things to do in Minecraft. I would like to build permanent structures without having to worry about moving them, rollback, etc. 3. The only two specific things that I have in mind at the moment are a house for myself and a mall, maybe as a collaboration with other members. After that, I'll probably just see what my creativity can construct. 4. I don't have any upcoming vacations or anything else long term, so I don't expect to be offline for any long amounts of time.
  7. RubiksCuber27

    [Rubiks] Clan Information

    Greetings! I am happy to announce that I am opening membership to our clan, =Rubiks=. UPDATE: As of October 2016, I am closing clan membership due to low member activity, and because I'm unable to be online as much as I used to be. Players would be better off joining active clans. What is our clan? Our clan is a group of trustworthy players who enjoy multiple aspects of the game of Minecraft. I would like it to be a safe haven of sorts, where members can join with the knowledge that they can trust every other member. This clan is not exclusive to a certain playing style, all are welcome. Whether you enjoy farming, building, redstone, or PvP, we will be glad to have you. I would also love to have you if you want others to know that you are trustworthy, but you aren't Verified. However, I do not intend for this clan to be an alternative to Verification, more like a stepping stone towards it, if anything. What are the requirements? The main thing I look for in new members is trustworthiness. My current requirements are: 1. You must have been a member of Team Neo for at least three months. This is to ensure that you are familiar with the rules and know how things work on the server. 2. You must have never been banned, not have had any warnings within the past three months, and have less than three warnings total for all time. If you have alternate accounts, you must have less than three from all accounts combined. 3. You should show qualities of responsibility, kindness, respect, trust, and honesty. How do I join? There are three ways to let me know that you are interested in joining: 1. Leave a reply on this thread saying that you are interested. 2. Leave me a message ingame with /mail. My ingame name is RubiksCuber27. 3. /pm me ingame if I am online. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- General Information Current Members Leader: RubiksCuber27 Co-Leader 1: none Co-Leader 2: none TheMadScientist0 peyton1299 Master_Flagnog Chipper777 TheMarcellus Clan Base Currently under construction. Estimated progress: about 70% complete http://www.team-neo.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=24120 Clan Relations I consider our clan to be peaceful with all other clans. Official treaties and pacts: visionzCraft [=vCraft] non-aggression pact The-New-World-Order [Order] non-aggression pact Faze_Clan [FaZe] non-aggression pact DiamondLegion [Dimd.Leg.] non-aggression pact lolwuts [TheScourge] non-aggression pact If you are a clan leader and would like to agree to an official treaty or pact, let me know in this thread or ingame.
  8. RubiksCuber27

    I am interested in becoming Verified

    v2.0 I have revised my submission of interest and listed a few more reasons as to why I would like to become Verified. I will leave the first submission above, but it is not as accurate as this one. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello. I am RubiksCuber27. I have been playing on Team Neo since the first few months of 2012, about two weeks after I discovered Minecraft. In the 3+ years I've been on this server, I've never insulted or abused another player, broken a server rule, or been warned. I know I'm not as active as some players, but I try to get on as much as I can. When I am on, I do my best to help others in any way possible. Why I would like to become Verified: 1. After 3+ years of following rules and helping people, I think people should be able to easily see that I can be trusted. 2. I am willing to go out of my way to help others. Often, I pause working on my own projects to do something for someone else, whether it be showing someone how to get somewhere, bringing someone gear or items, or something else. If someone has a question, I will do my best to answer it. If I do not know, I will stop to look up the answer. 3. My playing style is an architect and redstoner. Some projects I would like to create require work with hoppers. 4. Although a small thing, I would like to be able to use proper capitalization, which was something that Verified players could do, last I saw. I like to use proper grammar because it appears more professional, and is a sign that you are mature and usually know what you are talking about. 5. Usually when I get on, there are at most one or two verified players and sometimes an admin. Because my hours are different than the majority of the current staff, I would fill a time frame where there is a shortage of Verified players and admins. I have been a dedicated member of Team Neo for years. Now I would like to lend a hand and give back to the community.
  9. RubiksCuber27

    I am interested in becoming Verified

    Thanks Fnord, and you too, Reaper, by the way. I'm grateful for the support. I'm looking forward to an opportunity to better help out the community. Further update: My computer was unable to be fixed. Until further notice, I will only be on every now and then, just whenever I am able to borrow a computer and get on.
  10. RubiksCuber27

    I am interested in becoming Verified

    Yeah, I was wondering if you would notice that. And you said you only needed one stack, which I gave you. But thanks, and good luck to you too. Update to my post: My computer is still being fixed, but I should get it back before the end of next week. After that I'll be on regularly again!
  11. I am RubiksCuber27. I have been a member of Team Neo since January 2012, about two weeks after I started playing Minecraft. This is pretty much the only server I get on now, and I try to get on as often as I can. (My computer isn't working, so I can't get on as much as I would like to right now.) When I am on, I try to be as helpful as I can be. I would like to be Verified so that other players will see me as the trustworthy person that I strive to be. I have never broken a server rule or been warned. I have never insulted, abused, or harmed another player - my kill count is 0. Here are some examples of how I try to help others: 1. Even though this is unnecessary, I still give new players starting gear if they are struggling to get set up on the server. I also try to welcome new players to the server, and not just for the money. 2. If a player asks a question, I will do my best to answer it. I will stop playing to look up the answer if I need to. 3. I will go out of my way to help others. This is why my own projects take so long, but it is my choice to help them. As I said in #2, if someone asks something and no one knows the answer, I will stop playing to look up it up. If someone asks for building materials, I will usually pause my own projects to gather what I can for them. A couple of days ago, a player asked for 10 stacks of smooth stone. I stopped mining to go back to my house and start smelting some to give them, along with the couple of stacks I already had. Sometimes my friends on the server ask me to mine with them, so I stop what I'm doing to go mining with them. I have also stopped to show players how to get somewhere, such as the Ne0 Castle. I know that some of these things are unnecessary, but I have no problem going above and beyond to help others before I help myself. I have been a dedicated Team Neo member for years. Now I would like to have a part in lending a hand to the community.
  12. RubiksCuber27

    Player of the Month

    What if a player does something worth getting a rep+ for, but no admins are online to see it? Having only admins be able to give or take reps seems somewhat biased. Players who are online more when admins are online would be more likely to become Player of the Month than players who are online when admins aren't. Yet, I do see how there could be chaos if all players could give or take reps. Is there any compromise that could be made for this system?

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