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  1. Last week
  2. aliens

    i heard someone say ALIENS here you go
  3. request movies

    you can request movies, maybe i can get them
  4. the matrix

    lets start with a famous movie we all should have seen. aka THE MATRIX
  5. Earlier
  6. no action needed Kind request to unban me

    Yes. The ban was removed. Thank you anyways..
  7. no action needed Kind request to unban me

    i couldn't find any ban on your name. and it seems that you have joined the server today. i'm guessing that it is already solved ?
  8. My In-Game name is: RajaBhai10 Reason I was banned: Spambot Reason I should be unbanned: i did not do such thing. I just recently joinned the game. Other comments that may help the situation: i wish my request is accepted. Thank you.
  9. denied req

    AFter your bot spam attacks and threats of 'revenge' , I think its safe to say.....:
  10. my in games name is BL155 and I was banned for something I did do I hope it gets resolved
  11. denied req

    Sick lol
  12. denied req

    NAME: Sayf reason: they told me to make request unban with please :)
  13. pending Creative Request

    So hows this
  14. unbanned UnBan Request For Range Ip Ban

    You may join
  15. Hello My Game Name Is (Haunted)Emperor123 I Have Been Banned Because Of Range IP , My Range IP Is with Ben45 so , I Can't Login Because Of Range IP....Please Unban Me....
  16. unbanned Want An Unban If Possible

    I think that i kinda broke the rule of insulting and insulted and i was banned for that so 2 days ago and i really appologize to the admins and every person who i insulted and im really sorry for that i wont continue the mistake i did in future so if it is possible can i get a unban please... :)
  17. Hello My Game Name Is [Haunted]Ben45 i have 3 warns from before but i got 4th and been banned for the words i said well the words i said were for just one person didnt mean for anyone by mistakely
  18. Feed The Beast Server

    hey you can certainly join! , this thread was for our OLD ftb server, we now use FTB Infinity Evolevd , and you're more than welcome to join. :)
  19. Feed The Beast Server

    Hello there! I want to apply to join FTB server! I hope I can ask for vouch from you as you know me from ARK, but I also have a friend who is willing to join with me!
  20. pending Verify Request

    memes memes memes
  21. pending Verify Request

    Ooooof Conor why you always meming D: You got me there
  22. pending Verify Request

    why soooo seriousssssssss
  23. pending Verify Request

    He's kidding lol
  24. pending Verify Request

    Conor. What do you mean by "the whole thing sounds dodgy" ? And with that "lie" I'm guessing you're joking ?
  25. pending Verify Request

    The whole thing sounds dodgy :/ "my name is loïs" definitely a lie, can't have liars in this community
  26. pending Verify Request

    Shhhh Jay not here, I'm waiting for you in the bedroom
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