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  2. hello Dirt_mann please follow these instructions : goodluck
  3. Hi all for reading this topic im not a old player but i wanted to try my hands on the private world to build awesome house and structures and ill try my best to be a player here Thank You!
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    Hello!! admin wanted to tell you that there are tribes that are making their bases in caves ... please enforce the rules. Regards!
  6. All I'm saying is so,e people like to be pefectionist and have personal achievements. We'd like to unlock the whole engram roster. We'd like to be able to bring our best creatures from scorch or ragna yet the people on the island keep slaughtering in groups with twenty Rex's. Come on man like it's a full game yet we can only play limited items on the island limited creatures some of us would like wyvrens whips and golems . Some of us actually like the bosses. just saying. It might be a good thing I wanna see a full server
  7. Hey now I was wondering why there isn't player download I've been attempting to get the whip but I can't. I was wondering why you opted not to add downloaded characters it leaves out a lot of creatures and the experience we love the island don't get me wrong that's my favorite map. But I'd like to have my whip and other creatures doesn't feel like we're free to full game experience .. we prefer your server any ways
  8. I agree that it can be done... but honestly some kids gonna say "this is too damn hard" then go install hacks. Obviously mods would help you complete a challenge like i described but they will not help you answer questions about the server or get say $150 to enter. And as stated your still limited to one a week per player.
  9. Thank you !!
  10. I agree with disabling flying it's only fair. If you really want shulker boxes then take the risk of ender pearling I've done it before and found a tower that hasn't been raided although it took a lot of ender pearls and time
  11. if you disable flying then how are you able to go to the cities ? you can't build walkways since it's protected and if you use an ender pearl you have a chance to fall in the void
  12. Or you can just disable flying, like in hub, for example.
  13. LoL well Valco buddy you one of those people xD, anyway wanted to talk to you about the skulker stuff will get into it when I'm online tonight
  14. I'm for the idea of SeniorWizard because if the end city gets resetted, donators will rush to them and the new players won't be able to get them and the idea of wizard supports new players the most in my opinion because shulkers are sold for 1000 dollars ATM but with that alternative way they are able to get it for much less My vote goes to SeniorWizard
  15. gl I think u would be a great verified marc
  16. i like the idea of the end being reset so that us newer player could get some shulkers without paying super high prices
  17. Personally I vote to have a alternative way of getting shulker shells/boxes. Possibly a challenge of sorts where you pay say $150 to enter then you have to do some parkour go through a maze defeat some mobs answer questions about the server and other stuff like that. Something that makes obtaining shulkers difficult ,as they are truly supposed to be difficult to obtain, but to also make them available to players who are willing to take on the challenge. Also had a idea to make it like 1 attempt per week and you get say 5 deaths once entering the maze with kitpvp like kits being provided. So die in the parkour and lose a life spend more then like 10 minutes in the maze lose a life and die from mobs lose lives. I don't think resetting end cities is a good idea reason why.... Whos got tons of shulkers right now... people who raided them with donator abilities right when it was opened. So whats the point of resetting just to allow a new generation of donators to raid them all again. As for the end world I still want the main island to be a shopping center with plots for regular players. Like warriors because he did a fantastic job... but in the end.
  18. So most of the players now know that the End City is out of shulkers and there is no use to it. I think it's time to reset the End City to give other players a chance. So, who supports this ? Reply below :) TheMarcellus
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    Good Luck Xtreme. I think you'd make a great verified player =D
  21. Server running version: 268.255
  22. Thank you Gogo =D
  23. Good luck
  24. When is the server going to be updated? As this question comes up so many times, I thought I will make a topic. First things first, do NOT update your game without checking whether the server has been updated or not. You will be left without anyway of downgrading and most importantly, you will not be able to protect your base whilst the server is running a different version than yourself. Now, the big question - WHEN we will update the server? quite simply we will update the server once we feel the update is stable. We will NEVER automatically update the server the moment a new version has been released. Why wont we do that? Because unfortunately when they release new versions, quite often there are bug(s) that are not fixed untill a few more updates are released and as such, we will NEVER update the server as soon as an update is released. We will normally allow at least 1 week after an update before we update the server. Ensure you check the server has been updated before you update your game. Please not ask us to update the server everyday....this will not change our decision. We will update the server at the earliest of 7 days after an update is released.
  25. TY ^^
  26. GOOD LUCK!!! :D <3 :3
  27. Thanks :)
  28. good luck marcy
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