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  2. builds Monthly Build Competitions

    I like the whole idea :D I'm in
  3. Last week
  4. To Private world

    i ham Borderland on the server 1.12 i do not know y i am not geting to put my mc name Borderland so i have to use Borderland1
  5. So This guy Omega started asking enjy to join kitpvp n after her repeatedly denying he said fuck you enjy... he said shut up to me when i tried to be nice and then started spamming report me... so... there ^_^
  6. builds Monthly Build Competitions

    Finally new stuff :D IM IN
  7. builds Monthly Build Competitions

    there will also more than likely be bigger builds with bigger prizes that will be held over longer periods (3 Monthly builds)
  8. builds Monthly Build Competitions

  9. pending Unban request

    i refer you to my previous reply
  10. To Private world

    I will like to be added to the Private world because i love to build like arts. i am good at Draw Art like landspace + i will like to be added to the Private world so i can build some good art
  11. pending Unban request

    Can speed up? :P I can't wait more :33 I love this server
  12. Good Morning / Afternoon / Evening Gentle Folks As some of you are aware Minecraft here at Team - Neo has gone a little stale as of late there for we as the admin team are putting our heads together to try and rectify this in the long term, As our first new addition to the server we are purposing monthly / 3 monthly build competitions where the winners win prizes etc etc Here is some of the things we are thinking of how were are going to run it. Creative World (Subject to new plugin testing) Set Topics i.e This Months Topic is Build us a CASTLE Set Size criteria i.e Your Castle cannot be smaller than 20 x 20 and no bigger than 75 x 75 blocks big and 50 blocks high Restriction on blocks you can use i.e Block Restrictions on your castle build YOU CAN'T USE STONE BRICKS (Designed to get you thinking caps on) Judges will be the Admin Staff or Polls will be created to allow everyone to vote on their favorites (Yet to be decided) Prizes Prizes will vary from ingame cash prizes to items such as a stack of diamonds etc etc Winning Builds will be showcased in an area around a spawn location or in a special "Hall of Fame" World (Still yet to be decided) Due to the need to Test a new plugin NeO_Anderson has created to allow us another creative world there is no set date as of yet for when this will start running but we hope it will be in the very near future. Anyone interested in this please Comment Below
  13. Test topic for clubs!

    Test topic for clubs!
  14. NeO Port Authority

    NeO Port Authority Lives Another Day! Due to recent events, the Port Authority has opened once again! A BIGGER and BETTER NeO Intercontinental Airport will begin construction very soon! Keep an eye out in the Private World and stayed tuned into this topic to see all of the construction!
  15. Fnord Private World

    good luck fnord! :)
  16. accepted Sammy's Request

    Yay! <3
  17. accepted Sammy's Request

    Accepted. We needed time to monitor you, 2 years later, I believe we can probably just about trust you in there. :)
  18. Music. Unicorns. Wabbits...

    10/10 One of my favorites. Genre: Country
  19. unbanned unban request

    I am Perm banned and im very sorry it did Come this far
  20. Earlier
  21. unbanned unban request

    it is a perm ban since he has too many warnings on his accounts
  22. Unban request

    Thanks NeO_Anderson
  23. Interested To Be Verified Again

    not lol just returned to forums after a while so went through everything :P
  24. unbanned unban request

    I assume this is old and you're no longer banned?
  25. Unban request

    Hello there, seems your IP address is being falsely detected and banned by our systems. I've whitelisted your name 'Gheco_Guy' so you should be able to play with this name. Our apologies
  26. Unban request

    I am a new player to this server today only i created my account and now i tryed to play in the server but somehow i got banned by console please can i be unbanned Thanks and regards Gheco_Guy
  27. pending Unban request

    Your request is currently being reviewed and decision notification will be given once this has been reached
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