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  5. Random Epic Screenshots


    Wow what an audacity, I am rendered speechless.
  7. Lost my original user?

    Hi, any news?
  8. files

    Sorry server files are not distributed in our copy of the game. Apologies for any inconvenience caused =\
  9. Lost my original user?

  10. Lost my original user?

    What was your original username ?
  11. Lost my original user?

    I guess that the save files should be under Eco_Data\Server\Storage and/or Eco_Data\Server\Configs. These are the two folders people say you could copy to a newer version (at least until ver. 7.3.0). uploading these two then.. Thank you so much!
  12. Random Epic Screenshots

  13. Random Epic Screenshots

  14. Random Epic Screenshots

    So randomly walking around, I found some epic builds/homes/shops and I will continue to update this post as and when I see them. :) Let me know if you're the owner of one of the builds and I'll add your name to it :) Feel free to post your screenshots too!
  15. files

    Server Files are missing in this Download.
  16. Lost my original user?

    I'm sorry but I have literally no experience with single player. So I can't really advise on that however.... If you can locate your save game files from 7.2.4 and send me them, I could take a look and see I can resolve this for you.
  17. As you (Anderson) suspected my IP is probably changing. I got banned for 1 week and it's been like 1 month and now it says i have range ban again. User name - TomerH260 Ban info - "Your IP Address ( is RangeBanned. Reason : Multiple rule violations. By: Console. Please help me.
  18. Lost my original user?

    Hi, I have originally tried version 7.2.4 from IGG. Today I have downloaded the newest version following the instructions in the forum (7.3.0). Accidently I have used a slighly different user name with the new version. when I tried to continue playing the single version using version 7.2.4 it logged me in with the new user there too! so I have lost access to all the stuff I had with the original user name! Is there any way to reverse it back to the original user name? Thanks!
  19. pending Creative world

    i really wanna join the creative world, because then i can fly and build with every block. that is sometimes the problem, when i want to build something but i dont have the blocks. in creative world i have. i wanna build pixelarts and nice buildings (sometimes with RAGTEMPOS) i wont be offline much RAGKRATIS
  20. Winner of The March Builders Competition
  21. As you know, the world was reset for 7.3.1. It seems that with each update, we will most likely be forced to reset the world. This is mainly due to the way the game handles the accounting system. You're each assigned an 'ID' this ID generator seems to change from version to version so it generates different IDs which means that the game "forgets" you entirely when we update. Since this has happened with the past two updates, its safe to assume this will most likely be the way things will be unforutnately. Here is some of the settings we've currently got going on the server, please let me know of anythinge else you would like changed and we'll check it out Plantlife (not everything) has a faster growth rate to allow more 'playing' than 'waiting'. WoodPulp when cutting down tree's nolonger spawns on the floor where the tree falls. It will go directly into your inventory to prevent players from being lazy and cluttering the world - they're now forced to deal with the waste created as intended by the game. Tree stumps require 1 hit to break them. Small Wooden Cart has increased weight limit. Nomral Wooden Cart has increased weight limit. Powered Cart has increased Weight Limit. And there's most likely more to come...
  22. Easter-minecraft -2018

    Is the next event today Or tomorow?
  23. accepted Private world request 2.0

  24. Easter-minecraft -2018

    Happy Easter to everyone, as you know over the last few months SPOOKY_CREEPER and I have been building an event, it's taken ages to make and figure out the redstone. It's taken me a year in single player to get it right then a month or so for spook and me to build it all in survival. It's been a fun ride. Tonight was the first event. There will be another for the ones who missed out and there are still plenty of items to win. I'd like to thank the players SPOOK Y_CREEPER ,Witcher_ ,Cococonnor , Myvalco for participating tonight. and if you wish to check the map out use /spawn fun The next Easter Event Officially starting at 18:00 Eastern Time The event requires players to find all the eggs hidden inside the chests that will be randomly placed before the game starts then once everyone has them they need to be dropped into the well at the middle. Once all the eggs are in the bunny will reward you greatly. if you require any more information please,feel free to msg me on discord or send me a msg via neo mail and ill happily reply. if you
  25. accepted Private world request 2.0

    Yea Thx man
  26. Woodpulp now goes directly to inventory when breaking trees. The Stump requires 1 hit.
  27. pending maik832

    can i creative build`?
  28. pending Unban request (again..)

    I have ban for ban evading.. Plz unban My nick : XxTheDeivisLTxX I got ban ~2years ago. Plzz unban :/
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