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  2. no action needed New world?

    It now has a new world ! :)
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  4. pending Unban request

    My In-Game name is: XxTheDeivisLTxX Reason I was banned: xxthedeivisltxx/bloodwood ban evading after previous permant ban Reason I should be unbanned: I think that, during this time, I was blocked by the perceived mistakes made and made me feel better. At the time I received the bloat, I could say I was a kid. Now I'm mature and I'm not getting any more foolish. Being this server I like the uniqueness, I have not seen any similar server in this one. I think you will understand me. (Sorry for my english i'm not england.) Other comments that may help the situation: I was getting a ban for my xxTheDeivisLTxx account and started playing with another BloodWood account because I could not get out almost one day without this server. Now, for me this time, I've missed the job I've been bombarded with on this server, it seems like 2 life-long ones .. :( Plz unban me. I hope you understand my situation. ScreenShot :
  5. One of the folks I play with here mentioned that version 7.8.5 is available if Anderson would like to upgrade. I don't know if the mods that Anderson currently has installed are compatible, but I really hope they are because they made the game much more enjoyable. I would love it if he could bring back the trashcan mod also. Anyhow, here is the link to 7.8.5. While the current map is still playable (terraforming is working), I think all players would really like the opportunity to start anew.
  6. no action needed New world?

    Do you feel Eco is in need of a new world? If you feel it does, please state why. If you don't feel it does, then fear not. I'm just testing the water!
  7. Cancel this - due to a some irl events I'll barely be active for some time.
  8. denied Joelz Verified Request 2.0

    I'm not saying you don't deserve this rank because I'm not the one to ask... but on the topic (excuse the pun) helping new people and informing them about certain topics... You're more than capable of doing so without being "trusted" :^) Perhaps the thing you're best off saying is something along the lines of - "As a veteran player myself, I'd like to feel that new comers/players have enough trust in me to ask for any type of help" ??
  9. Some of you may remember me, some may not. Either way, let me introduce myself; My name is Joel, I was born 2003 and I am 15 years old. I started playing back on the server in 2015, quit in 2017 and decided to come back recently. Looking through my previous activity on this forum, I noticed that I had an old verification request. That request was horrible, and I don't comprehend how I thought that using "smileys" such as "o3o" was a good idea. Either way, moving on! I wish to become a verified player on Team-NeO as I more or less want to help people that are new to the server, informing them about certain topics that they don't seem to understand, such as the rules (No intent to backseat-moderate). I feel like I should be trusted with this rank within the hierarchy as I've been playing on this community for quite some time now, almost 3 years at this point. I am able to be rather active, I aim for 2 hours a day, which I tend to achieve unless any issues appear in real life. *****HIDDEN DUE TO CHANGE OF MIND*****
  10. unbanned banned for insulting,spam,ban evading

    Since it has been almost 2 years since you were permanently banned and most people do change in 2 years, I have unbanned you. But you should know that if you do break the rules again you will be permanently banned again.
  11. HocusMavis for building cool and interesting things I have been looking forward creative access on the mc sever for vacation or long periods of inactivity I plan on leaving the server while I am gone and will be on discord if posble
  12. hello amre. 1 unban request is enough. please do not make a new one
  13. incomplete unban request

    hello amre. your unban request is incomplete. please read this edit the post. do not make a new one
  14. hi all admins and players i'm so sorry for insulting and connect from another accouunt when i get banned and impersonating i for does't learns about from my mistakes beacause i did not understand the english and i have banned the 21 jan2017 so if you can unban me i will get really happy guys
  15. incomplete unban request

    I would advise you to make yourself a better unban request... while you have 9 warns on your name "amre" for many reasons not only insulting.. you are warned for spamming insulting and more than that impersonating admins and ban evading.. so i believe you should make an unban request that equals all the rules you broke and was warned for..
  16. incomplete unban request

    hello everyone i'm very sorry for insulting or anyting i have do i just want to play in this survival server so please unban me
  17. unbanned mc banned for insulting

    i will unban you due to our agreement on discord topic locked and marked as unbanned
  18. unbanned mc banned for insulting

    I can Valco but no one trusts that I can
  19. unbanned mc banned for insulting

    so you cannot behave yourself then
  20. unbanned mc banned for insulting

    U banned me for insulting so I posted the unbann request
  21. unbanned mc banned for insulting

    then why are you banned if you can behave ?
  22. unbanned mc banned for insulting

    I can behave
  23. denied mc banned for insulting

    hello hocus, i have told you that you should not make a new post regarding your unban request. this post will be locked and marked as denied
  24. unbanned mc banned for insulting

    so you would like to be unbanned if you can behave ? so you don't know if you can behave ?
  25. unbanned mc banned for insulting

    My in game name is: HocusMavis My reason for bannishment is: I was insulting players My reason for me getting unbanned is I will like like to be unbanned if I can behave I was banned on Sep.30 2018 My shuelculed unbann is Oct.14 2018 I want to be unbanned sooner
  26. unbanned mc banned for insulting

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