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  2. glad to have you on board man :D I'm glad you found mine worthy man means a lot!

    I think you're a nice guy, all the best.
  4. accepted

    Congrats Man (^_^)
  5. For those of you that use Steam, you can add your steam account to the forum , simply enter your steam name on your profile and it will display random steam users on the home page and your recent steam activity info on the profile :)
  6. Yesterday
  7. There's isnt much you can put into your computer to make it run better except mroe ram. Alternatively you could REDUCE things that are running, even system services like "Themes" arent needed to play the game. Ensure you set all settings to their lowest possible option too
  8. Im not a big fan of music but this was really good SUBBED
  9. thanks and well i meant just stuff to put in meh computer for better fps cuz i only have 4gb ram

    This request is valid, if you want to make another one then edit this one or reply on this one with the new request, do not make another topic

    valco if i want to apply this request that u commented on valid or i have to do another one?
  12. Last week
  13. These are some quality tunes, definitely a fan. :) I've subscribed and followed you on Twitter, left you a rep too.
  14. Yes and no, it's alive in the sense it exists and some people play GTA V Still who are apart of the crew, but that's about as far as it goes most of us dont play GTA V I think now?
  15. much appreciated man! thanks for the sub

    I have not seen you like not even on the forums but if your story is true then i hope that the admins help you do whatever you want to accomplish on the server
  17. Better than the original, good job and keep doing this you earned +1 sub
  18. sure thing man
  19. I'll be ur n1 fan
  20. So just a random post, I produce tracks and people told me to share it in the forums so I guess this is the thread about my channel cryptic entertainment. we generally produce trap and house. If you like it then share it around and sub/follow us on our social media it really helps a lot. hope you enjoy best songs, ok one last one leave some feedback too, whether you hate it or love it. Thanks!

    I haven't seen you in-game, but your story's definitely melted my heart. You indeed seem like a good person. Hopefully, I'll see you online soon and actually share a word with you c:. About your topic, best of luck!
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  23. Hello my name is Phantom and i would like to know if you would ever add spawners to the server?
  24. hey dude were you a admin when i posted my request of verification or not but anyways congrats on becoming admin bye!

    1. LordDoge


      oh wait u were not sorry


    also i said that cuz its been one year atleast deny it
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