THANATOS verified request(i wanna be a greeny:P)

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Hello my name is THANATOS(ingame name: RAGTHANATOS)

As i said above my name in THANATOS also know as RAG and in the tab my name is RAGTH atm...

I have played on the server for many year now. I thought a lot bout making request, but i never seemed the right time for it.

the reason i do it now is because today at 7 february 2019, I havent been banned for a year. huray.(dont know if i should be proud since it should be normal not to break the rules...)

I have helped a lot of new player and report every rule breaker and bug i see. i know like all the rules of the server.(mostly since i broke allmost all of them...)

i play almost everyday so i know a lot of people and a lot of people know me.

i wanna be become verified so people can see Im reliable. Im also selling donations to people, so also the people who dont have access to paypall or creditcard can have a nice rank.

thanks for your patience by reading this.

Greeting from the might THANATOS

PS. i might add more below, but atm Im out of idea for writing:)

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glad to see that you haven't been banned for a long time now. last time you were banned was your perm ban. i wish you the best of luck

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you are a good player rag.. 

I see you help players while I'm online.. 

I think you deserve it :) hope you the best !


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