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InGame Name: georgewarlow

Your Age: 18

How Long Have You Played BF Hardline For: On Xbox around 6 Months. Pc, I first got it in around May 2015 but didnt really start getting back into it since christmas time.

Why You Would Like To Join That Platoon: I would like to be part of the platoon because since I joined the server, I have loved every second and I want to make sure that lasts. Also if I went to other servers, I would like to show off this server so players would join the community and have just as much fun as I do on this amazing server ;)

Do you consider yourself to be someone that often rages/curses in chat: No. I would never consider myself that does that. I think that its just childish. No need to constantly curse at players or just in chat generally. I very rarely rage, I don't feel the need to get mad over a game that isn't real. I don't get mad and try to get a high ranking player on the opposite team kicked if the reason is only because they are doing well and we need an advantage. 


Thank You For Reading ;) 

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1 20:14 Jan 8, 2016 Server - georgewarlow gave up his SNIPER slot !!!
2 20:09 Jan 8, 2016 georgewarlow cmon cops
3 20:09 Jan 8, 2016 georgewarlow lez do dis!
4 20:00 Jan 8, 2016 georgewarlow ID_CHAT_REQUEST_MEDIC 5 00:08 Jan 8, 2016 Server *** MOVED georgewarlow to unstack teams ...
6 00:05 Jan 8, 2016 georgewarlow damn it ch4rlus XD 7 23:50 Jan 7, 2016 Server georgewarlow is on a 5 kill streak!
8 23:46 Jan 7, 2016 georgewarlow faggot no shots
9 23:42 Jan 7, 2016 georgewarlow !kick Ch4ruls
10 23:33 Jan 7, 2016 georgewarlow guys comawwn
11 23:30 Jan 7, 2016 georgewarlow Belgator you camping fag
12 23:10 Jan 7, 2016 georgewarlow ok i dont gve a shit how good u are thats fukin wall hacks
13 23:06 Jan 7, 2016 georgewarlow !no
14 23:03 Jan 7, 2016 georgewarlow i was clearly behind that fuking wall
15 23:01 Jan 7, 2016 georgewarlow fuk the sniper limit!!!!
16 22:58 Jan 7, 2016 georgewarlow seriously! get rid of this sniper limit shit
17 22:57 Jan 7, 2016 georgewarlow bullkshit
18 22:56 Jan 7, 2016 georgewarlow so hes about 9 19 19:21 Jan 7, 2016 Server - georgewarlow gave up his SNIPER slot !!!
20 19:18 Jan 7, 2016 georgewarlow k den



This is not the kind of person we would like to represent Team-NeO on our server and especially not on other servers too. Sorry this is a decline.

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