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Hello all! If you're interested in becoming a Verified Player for the minecraft server, please post your interest here.

Please include the following a short description of why you would like to become a Verified Player.




Note: This is JUST to express your interest in wanting to become Verified and is not treated as an application. As such there is no "Accepted" or "Denied" that will be given here until we decide to accept which has no specific time frame, it's just to let everyone know that you're looking to take the first step to joining Team-NeO. That being said, if we do mark it as "Denied" it would indicate you have done something significant to warrant instant denial.




1) Don't ask the "status" of your request or whether or not you can be made Verified yet. This also includes asking things along the line of can you "review" my request.

2) Post only one request. (Unless you your old request was denied and you've allowed at least 14 days since your last request was denied. If there's no date of the decline, you may apply again immidiately)

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