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Hello there, my name is enjy (its my ingame name as well) and i would like to apply for being verified..

I have been playing on the server for about 2 years , i finally decided its the right time to do this..
I want to be verified for many reasons, first of all, i like helping players with anything they would ask for.. as claiming a land, building, getting stuff, having a biz, donating and using server commands etc..
I believe i'm a trustworthy person and i want everyone to know so.. and don't be afraid to ask and get the help they need..
 another important thing is i'm aware of every single server rule and i always report or send an admin a private message with an evidence if needed when i see someone breaking a rule.. since im online and playing about 2 - 6 hours a day.. (sometimes a way more than that).
last thing, i have no warns or bans and i always try my very best to talk politely to everyone..

Thanks for reading this :)

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we need more players like you. 

you help a lot of players each day and i appreciate that. 

you know the rules and you make sure that the new players you help are going to follow them as well.

you also report everything with /report and or thrue discord. 


you will be a great addition to the team.

i wish you goodluck



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You are a good player.

You respect the rules and make others do the same.

A player that helps others, and have a great knowledge of the server.

I hope that you make part of the team soon .

The best luck for you.


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