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As you know, the world was reset for 7.3.1. It seems that with each update, we will most likely be forced to reset the world. This is mainly due to the way the game handles the accounting system. You're each assigned an 'ID' this ID generator seems to change from version to version so it generates different IDs which means that the game "forgets" you entirely when we update. Since this has happened with the past two updates, its safe to assume this will most likely be the way things will be unforutnately.


Here is some of the settings we've currently got going on the server, please let me know of anythinge else you would like changed and we'll check it out


  • Plantlife (not everything) has a faster growth rate to allow more 'playing' than 'waiting'. 
  • WoodPulp when cutting down tree's nolonger spawns on the floor where the tree falls. It will go directly into your inventory to prevent players from being lazy and cluttering the world - they're now forced to deal with the waste created as intended by the game.
  • Tree stumps require 1 hit to break them.
  • Small Wooden Cart has increased weight limit.
  • Nomral Wooden Cart has increased weight limit.
  • Powered Cart has increased Weight Limit.


And there's most likely more to come... 

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