WoodPulp that is on the floor when a tree falls..what to do?

Wood Pulp - To be or not to be...  

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  1. 1. What should we do with the WoodPulp that is created when a tree falls?

    • 1) We remove the WoodPulp that spawns entirely which would make woodpulp very valuable and rare plus solve the issue of it being left in the world
    • 2) We have the woodpulp spawn directly in the players inventory, instead of on the ground.
    • 3) We find a way to have WoodPulp collected by players and converted into something more valuable to encourage them to clean it up?
    • 4) We do nothing at all, and leave it to spawn as it currently does and just embrace the uglyness.

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Hi all, so as you know , when a tree falls it spawns a lot of WoodPulp(sticks) on the ground around where it falls. This requires a lot of energy to remove and quite often people are too lazy to actually remove it or dont have suffucient food to remove it so they leave it. As a result, we end up with lots of crap around the world that makes it look ugly. So I have a few to what we could do, please vote.



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