Eco 7.8.5 & 7.8.8 Survival Game - [CRACKED DOWNLOAD]

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Hey all, so I totally discovered what appears to be a really awesome game. It's still in beta/alpha stage so I imagine there are bugs and so on... but it seems to be playable and looks really fun. Unfortunately the player base seems rather small/non-existent but it still looks like a fun game. On the offset it looks like an improved version of Minecraft where the environment and working together take center stage. 



Current Server Version: 7.8.5 & 7.8.8 ( &

Current Game Version: 7.8.5 & 7.8.8



Eco PC Game Overview:
Eco is developed and published by Strange Loop Games. It was released in 6 Feb, 2018.

Enter the world of Eco, a fully simulated ecosystem bustling with thousands of growing plants and animals living their lives. Build, harvest, and take resources from an environment where your every action affects the world around you. An imminent meteor strike threatens global destruction. Can you save the world without destroying it in the process?

Construct buildings and towns, tend to your farm, hunt wildlife, build infrastructure and transportation, craft clothing, build power plants, and research new technologies. Specialize in a craft and trade your goods to other players. Develop your civilization and sculpt your planet.


Key Fetures:

  • Online Multiplayer – Collaborate online with a community of players.
  • Over 30 different craft tables, with hundreds of recipes.
  • Hundreds of items, skills, craft tables, and building blocks.
  • A simulated ecosystem with dozens of unique species.
  • With limited carrying capacity, players must create vehicles and networks of roads to transport materials.
  • Create your own backed or fiat currencies, using them as a means of exchange in the economy.
  • Collaborate with other players to build the perfect civilization in a world where everything you do affects the environment.

Our Server:

    If you already have the game, simply click "Join" , "Add Server" and enter the address shown below in green:

    Server Address 1: (search for 'Team-NeO' in the server list if you can't add it)

    Server Address 2: (search for 'Team-NeO' in the server list if you can't add it)

    Download: Download Eco 7.8.5  

    Download: Download Eco 7.8.8  

    If you do not have the game: You can download it from the link above, extract the contents to wherever you want the game to be and run the Eco.exe file this will start the game. Once ingame you will see a username and password box. The password box is completely irrelevant so enter whatever you want in there but make sure you will remember this, if you reinstall the game or switch computers, you will need this password in order to gain access to your account again, the username box will be the name others will see you as in-game. Hit login and it will pop up with some pointless joke message, and click "Join". Add our server as shown above in green text and you're all set.


    Important Notes:

    1) As this game is still in 'Beta' there are some issues with it. Lag and instability is one. If the server is down, please @NeO_Anderson on discord.

    PS: Any problems or questions, message me :)



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