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1)  As everyone should know, my IGN is ayyeeeitsammy

2)  Well, I could build better builds in creative really, tbh. But, I enjoy survival. Creative is a way to build something and then see if you like it. And, in the case, if you do like it, you now have a model to go after to build it in survival. Only after getting all the materials xD

3)  Build things that are better than I can do in survival ; Model things and in return, build them in survival for my Island Kingdom (of which i will either keep or destroy once it's built in survival) ; Just enjoy myself in Creative, Creative is way to explore yourself and find new building styles. And if somethings ugly, just tell me to destroy it XD

4)  Other than my job (it has slowed down, i am finally fully staffed again, not two people short) ; I have a Vacation in March to DCm, and a Vacation in May to Arizona (7 day trip)


I wish everyone best of luck on your request, I will see you all in creative in exactly 2 years from now! lmao xD

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