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Hello Anderson, I was writing to help me with a problem

I was absent from the server for about two weeks and when I entered my abse is raided and without my dinos because my allies betrayed me and there was an infiltrate in my tribe: V (That's part of the game) but that's not what I'm asking help hehe is that I am rebuilding my base and I can not place anything because it says that I passed the limit of nearby structures (The limit is 7500) and I wanted to ask that if you could increase it to build

Please anderson I hope your answer :)

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Hello there, the limit is there for a reason. I assume increasing this limit would only harm server performance which is not what I wish to do. This being said, if you're simply being told "nearby" is the issue then perhaps living elsewhere would be a better idea? Alternatively, you could play on our second server which does include offline raid protection unless that's what you do not like. 

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