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Hello all, I was recently trying to return to playing ARK and discovered that once again, there are a lot of terrible people in this game. The reason I stopped playing initially was because people will rain/destroy your base not because they want what you have but rather because its fun... this destroys the game for me...and I cannot imagine how many other people have joined, started making a base...and by the next day..its all gone. The worst thing is, they don't just break in and steal the stuff, they will literally break and destroy everything inside too. Even down to a wooden chair...for what purpose? It's just terrible. Once again, this has happened, I started building, the next day, its raided and gone. Something must be done to protect new players from this behavior...and so I was looking into the settings on the server and decided to using this configuration generator which will populate the server configs with ALL of the default settings so that I can see exactly what we can change/tweak to our needs. Naturally, as this is overrides the original settings there is a chance it can cause unexpected side effects. So far, I have been made aware of a few things such as:

  • No Tribe alliances. (UPDATE: Should be fixed as of 09/11/2017 GMT)
  • Limited tamed dinos. (UPDATE: Should be fixed as of 09/11/2017 GMT)
  • possible issue with weight limit

I am investigating these at present and will resolve the above ASAP. In the mean time, please post with any further issues you discover or things you believe will help the server.


Here is a list of things that we INTENDED to change and some additional things I discovered and decided to change aswell.


  • Increased difficulty setting to allow higher level dinos. (225)
  • Increased damage that defensive items deal by 200%. (Such as spikes)
  • Reduced damage structures take to aid in defense of a base by.
  • Enabled Offline raid protection (Had to undo this because it was the cause of tribes not being able to create alliances with other Tribes)
  • Increased the amount of resources you can obtain from harvestable items, trees, rocks e.t.c.




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