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Shop Prices & Tank jobs Need Adjustments

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Hi Team-NeO Community,


I think its about time that some of the prices of selling items to the system be optimised so that it could be benificial to the players both new and old, since those new could get a better start with cash buy not working themselves to death and then all the veterans can finaly make use of all those farms they've setup.

I've yet to completely look into all price changes that I think needs to be implemented, I'm also aware of the fact that making to big farms could cause more damage to server resources and then simply spoil the gameplay for everyone else. Their are a lot of things that need to be considered for these changes, but in my opinion this is something that needs to be looked at as part of enhancing the gameplay on Teom-NeO in general.

Tank Jobs:

The Tank Jobs, defnitly needs to be updated since it is so far outaded that it kills me if the only thing I stilll see in the jobs is something to do with Chainmail. Sigh thats just simply my own opinion but yeah just think it needs to be changed up a bit.

In conjunction of Shopping changes, these changes in tank jobs must also consider things that could help with shopping.

In veterans cases it would be great since we could finally use those farms a lot more. Donators have a bit of a problems since we don't eat but still build farms and stuff we tend to have a lot of those things which in fact we cant use to our own benefits. ( A side note, I think it would be nice as a donator myself, if I could togle my hunger on/off, since sometimes I just really want to have the normal mc experience)


We defnitly need updates on both these issues. So I would like to ask everyone in the Team-NeO Community to participate in thise topic. Also please think carefully and please do only discuss the topics above don't just reply by saying "Yeah I Agree We Need Changes". FOR THE LOVE OF ALL PLEASE PUT VALUABLE COMMENTS TO THE POST AND NOT POINTLESS CHATTER.

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Deffo need to change the chainmail set and beacon offer cause they are not worth it if not changed at least deleted to increase the odds of the offers that can actually be done

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I think this is a good idea aswell. I don't mind having the chainmail jobs there I think that they should be worth more so it isn't a waste of resources. The becon one needs to go tho.

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After some thinking regarding tank jobs, all the chainmail items should be taken of completely, even the 1 gold ignot one should be taken of/or made a bit more realisticly.

Most of the other should be ok. Maybe something for Poppy flowers need to be added since most try to have an iron farm. And at the the end of the day we have a lot of poppy's

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Here was my ideas from 2013.


20 Vines for 45 emeralds

20 enderpearls for 160 emeralds

33 gunpowder for 112 emeralds

4 waterbuckets for 22 emeralds

44 carrots for 72 emeralds

42 paper for 88 emeralds

14 iron for 64 emeralds

10 gold for 64 emeralds

1 saddle for 20 emeralds

12 diamonds for 768 emeralds

23 pork for 55 emeralds

44 arrows for 76 emeralds

33 blaze rods for 166 emeralds

33 glass for 89 emeraslds

24 wheat for 44 emeralds

43 wool for 144 emeralds

13 bottles for 45 emeralds

40 Quartz for 170 emeralds

25 planks for 44 emeralds

20 clay for 64 emeralds

50 torches for 30 emeralds

10 glowstone for 30 emeralds

12 iron bars for 30 emeralds

30 apples for 60 emeralds

25 rails for 64 emeralds

10 cake for 30 emeralds

25 cookies for 40 emeralds

14 spider eyes for 35 emeralds

19 ladders for 33 emeralds


Obviously we no longer use emeralds.

I did not edit this so obviously some of them items or prices are no longer in sync with the current economy. I'm also aware that these prices would need editing to work with the system. But it gives a good idea of sorts of items that could be good to use.

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Ah super thanks Wiz, I'll have look later hopefully soon this is a good help, I'll try and find a balanced ratio for everyone

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I vote do stuff people cant farm. Lily pads are a fantastic example of it. It doesn't take a outrageous amount of effort to get them... but more then further along players would take as they have other sources of income. Great opportunity for players starting out to do. Its called jobs. it should take effort to do. 

"I don't pity the man who does hard work worth doing. I admire him. I pity the creature who does not work, at whichever end of the social scale he may regard himself as being" (Theodore Roosevelt).

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we mainly need to add the ability to sell more of the items into the shop like some times i need a little bit of oak wood but i can only sell it there (not necessarily wood)

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