When are we going to update the server?

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When is the server going to be updated?


As this question comes up so many times, I thought I will make a topic.

First things first, do NOT update your game without checking whether the server has been updated or not. You will be left without anyway of downgrading and most importantly, you will not be able to protect your base whilst the server is running a different version than yourself. 


Now, the big question - WHEN we will update the server? quite simply we will update the server once we feel the update is stable. We will NEVER automatically update the server the moment a new version has been released. Why wont we do that? Because unfortunately when they release new versions, quite often there are bug(s) that are not fixed untill a few more updates are released and as such, we will NEVER update the server as soon as an update is released. We will normally allow at least 1 week after an update before we update the server. Ensure you check the server has been updated before you update your game. Please not ask us to update the server everyday....this will not change our decision. We will update the server at the earliest of 7 days after an update is released.


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