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So you may notice there's a "Bank" and $$$ on the forum now. This is something I'm trialling at the moment whereby users of the forum will earn $$ for creating new posts and such on the forum (more things will come soon). The $$$ can be stored in the 'Bank' which will generate interest (increase your money without doing anything to it!) and later you can have the money (whenever you choose) transfered to your in-game accounts. You can also send your forum $$$ to other people on teh forum too just like in-game.


Naturally any abuse of the system would not be tolerated!  



How do I earn money?


We'll be adding all sorts of ways to earn money, at the moment you can earn by doing any of the following:

1) Creating a new topic.

2) Replying to an existing topic.

3) Registering with the forum.

4) Storing money in the 'Bank' will generate interest on the amount stored so any money you get, transfer it to your bank account!


What can I do with the money?


We'll be allowing you to transfer the money you earn on the forum to your in-game account as another method of earning money.



1) Any method in which money is earnt by creating content on the forum must include content that is meaningful. Any content that is deemed to be created for the sole purpose of earning forum money, will simply be deleted and the money deducted from the account. Repeat violations would result in ban from the money system.

2) You may send money to whom ever you wish but the receiver must NOT be someone that is using the same internet/network as yourself as this will be deemed as money abuse.

3) You may NOT create multiple accounts to earn additional $$$ from sign-up.

4) Money transfered to your in-game account is currently not possible and will be enabled/created once the system is "balanced". This part of the transactions will most likely require admin approval to ensure abuse is kept minimal but unsure at this stage.

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