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So what literally happened is that myrvalco banned me for 7 days for "speed hacking on arzul hd" and i dont even know who the f is arzul hd or whatever that name is. I am not sure how it is linked to my account (i suppose it is), after the issue of the impersonators trying to log in on multiple accounts (minekrafts, voltons, etc), so it might of been that guy who is speed hacking and is linked to me. Please re consider my ban.

Pics show that hacker linking accounts together (on his ip), Please fix this. and if it was me who allegedly "speed hacked", I want evidence of that. Since I don't remember any usage of hacked clients since the time i was banned for kill aura.





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Hello scotty69, you got banned due to a system glitch that caused to ban your account instead of the person I was banning 

I'm sorry this happened to you


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