UnBan me pls

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ill explain what happened

my friend decided to pvp scotty on my alt account (JenTheKiller) she died once because the server glitched and she could not eat then she died cuz scotty forgot to give her a arrow (by the way she was using my gear) finally they were pvping the 3rd time and she was hit into the fire she tried to get out but scotty jumped in and killed her (this is what she said). then she raged and left. i was mad that my gear just got destroyed by the fire (no offence) you place "anderson" (ps pls remove that fire it's very annoying) i started out calm but my anger got the best of me and i was yelling out the f word and yelled some stuff that i do regret (including calling anderson stupid my apologies) 


i'm not even expecting to be unbanned but all i want is for you to understand what has happened to me just over the month:


my sister died of cancer

my parents are dying because of strokes and heart attacks (from my sister's death)

my education has ended literally (and i'm 13 just so you know)

and all but one of my friends have left me


most people say that minecraft is just a game but right now minecraft is all i have

i also should add that i have anger problems when i get angry everything is pointed at that one person

i'm not saying that this is any reason to what i did i know it was bad what i said

and i'm not expecting you to understand how i feel right now

but pls try to understand my life is falling apart and all the work i did on this server was deleted

if you were in my shoes you would have raged just like me (if you say you would not re-read my list)


by the way as i said i'm not expecting to be unbanned but pls try to understand how i feel


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Hi Anthea,


You have a very short fuse, and misdirect your frustrations, which is human, but to disrespect those who are sacrificing their time to make this a better place for all, shows that maybe you dont appreciate what the staff are providing.


I will ask Kangopt if he want to shorten this ban, seeing as you dont have other warnings and made an attempt at apologising.


You should think about what we provide as a service,and whether or not you like it, you can always try something else.

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