Just a simple request to all TeamNeo's Minecraft Admins

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First of all,

I wan't just to say hello to all admins and say to them that the server is cool, keep up with the great work ;)

And two, i wan't to talk about the subject to ban players.

I have an experiment with getting banned with my account (amre) and i was very sad, Getting banned is a big problem to anyone,

    But now i'm really sorry for what happen and what i did ;(    :sad:  :sad:  :sad:  :sad:

  • My In-Game name is:amre
  • Reason I was banned: I was getting so much warning from admins 
  • Reason I should be unbanned: I'm really sorry to all people that i say bad words to them i promise this will never be again
  • Other comments that may help the situation: I hope you understand my situation, i love the server and i love all admins, but i did some things that make them angry, and i promise now, i promise (from my hearth) that will never happen again.

And a last message to all others players : NEVER NEVER NEVER do something to make admins angry !! 

                                                                                   -Peace (and plz unban)


PS : I joined a gift to ;) hope you accept it !



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As NeO_RealJay was the admin to ban you for your crimes, it is upto him whether or not he wishes to lift the ban. Please wait for his response.

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Let's take a look on your warns on account named: "Amre"


At the moment in time I am looking at your current server warns - You've obtained a lot of warns.


  • spamming - by: me
  • insulting & using another account to insult - by: SeniorWizard/NeO_Wizard
  • spamming with TP requests - by: me
  • spam & insulting again (banned 5 days) - by: SeniorWizard/NeO_Wizard
  • for spamming + mute evading to spam 
  • impersonating an admin (in itself is not good) - by: me
  • insulting other players, 7 day ban & multiple previous warns(7 including this one) - by: Maccatackz
  • ban evading using the name "Darkside" - by: Cococonor97
  • see previous warns for Amre + "alikku" - by: warrior4894/NeO_Warrior

Now, let's take a look on your warns on account named: "Alikku"


  • insulting players & also the server - by: SeniorWizard/NeO_Wizard
  • sharing large amounts of money with account "Amre - by: Warrior4894/NeO_Warrior


Finally, let's take a look on your warns on account named: "Darkside"


  • ban evading account "Amre" - by: Cococonor97



Okay, now let's see... In total, you've collected yourself an impressing amount of: 12!  

12 is the amount of warnings I expect 4 people to get to then realise that they're doing wrong.



I also couldn't help but notice "And a last message to all others players : NEVER NEVER NEVER do something to make admins angry !!" 


It seems that you are implying that you're a troublesome player from what I can see. If any admin objects to what i'm saying - feel free to edit and sign.


At this moment in time I am going to have to keep your ban in place. If you feel i'm being unfair to some extent, please made a new post and elaborate as to why I should lift the ban with some good evidence as to proof that you have changed and that you'll have a better attitude towards the server, others and yourself.


- Jay.

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