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some is trying to connect with my username

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Before 2 days when i tried to connect to the server as usual with my user "enjy" it said -this name is already connected to the server..

Then i came to the web and used the chat to tell admins that im not online and there is something weird happening so "minekraft" the admin kicked enjy and told me to reconnect..

A day after, the same thing happened so i used my other user "sam2" and connected to the server but no admin were online so i walked to my home where enjy must be - i logged out at my home- so i found enjy there where i suppose to be.. 10 mins after.. minekraft banned someone for impersonating me..

Today when i joined mladenjr asked me what happened with me! he told me "you logged in before 3 mins and you were no donnor then you joined as a donnor and didn't say anything then left again.. so what is the problem?" -he took screenshots of me joining and leaving- 


I need help admins! i don't know what the problem is! please do something..

There is the screenshot mladenjr took => 


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