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Greetings to all, my in game name is Akita, Im 20 years old, and I'd love to be a part of private world.


I have done pretty much everything possible in common Minecraft and would like to do larger projects while contributing to the server at the same time. I am also looking to spend some time of my long weekend ahead to make something amazing. Im also pursuing a graphics design course in uni and I hope that some of my design inspiration can be brought to life here.


I'm also hoping that I can work together with someone in private world to accomplish something I alone cannot achieve.


I am confident that I can build decently. I'd love to show you things that I have made on Neo server (including the Nether Spawn Area that was fortunately chosen by the admins).


Thank you for your consideration.

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With skills like yours and the builds that you have... It will be a crime NOT to let you free reigns in private world  :biggrin:

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