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Request For Verified

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Hello my name is Sam David and my username in TeamNeO server is thecoolguy13248 


I wanted to be Verified from a long time but their was a problem in my account so i could not log in but now the problem has been solved and TeamNeo is the best server i have been i am not jocking it is so enjoying people are kind and good because of the good admin and the headadmin i have been obaying the rules and i have always helped people when they are not knowing commands or the rules if anyone starts breaking the rule i explain him saying that please don't break rules and also say that if you break rules you will be punished by the admin and if you want to know anything else about me let me know i will answer all you questions and if you find me breaking the rules then you can even ban me i promise to be good and obay all the rules 


i hope you accept this Request 


Thank You 



Hope You like it

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Not to act as an expert (because I'm not), but after I've seen some of the replies on verification requests, they usually ask for more info on why you want to be a verified player, so if you explain more about why do you want to be verified, it would be great for others to know more about you. Good luck!

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