Team-NeO #1 Server, Where is it?

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The Team-NeO #1  server has been moved into a non-cracked version this means that only people that have legally bought the game will see the server. The reason we have made the server this way is because we want to TRIAL hosting both legal and cracked version of the game.  We're advising that for now, you play on the #2 server as this is cracked. 


We MAY bring #1 back into the cracked version and resume everything but we're not certain at the moment.


I completely understand a lot of effort was put into #1 but unfortunately in a game like ARK, the worlds DO get reset every so often...and yes we all (even me) have to start over. I'm sorry.

The good news is that if you move into #2. This will ALWAYS be cracked and you we will never reset the world on that.


Sorry again, and I hope you continue to enjoy our server :)

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