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Verified Player Request

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Hello Team-neo!


I'm Lucy (ItsLucy) I'm a 16 year old girl from England (UK). I've been playing Minecraft for over 2 years now and i am currently a [ii] contract/reoccurring donator. I've been part of many minor and one higher ranked/popular servers in the past and the positions i have worked at range from prison guard, head admin (higher populated server) to co-owner in some minor servers. I've feel as though I work great with the team within the server and I'm a fair person. I'm not perfect,but I see myself as a good part of the team and kind person. I'm online the server nearly everyday and I'm always happy to follow out any orders that a server admin/team member has given me (as long as it corresponds with the rules). However I may be a chilled player but I'm always on the look out for any players well being. For instants, I'm always happy to help a younger players whom may be new to the server or even a small fight over two players. However this is a rare occurrence as the team-neo server is a calm server. If you may accept my verification request, I may wish to pursue further into the team as I would love to be an admin if there is ever a position available. Many thanks for taking your time to read my request!


- Lucy:)

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