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Sh3p47 - Platoon

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- InGame Name: Sh3p47
- Your Age: 14
- How long you've played BF Hardline For: I have been playing for about 7 months.
- Why you would like to become a Platoon Member: I like the Team-NeO server; it's one of my favourites and of course it was the reason I joined this community. My goal is to help and guide users as well as help enforcing the rules in a friendly manner. In addition, being a moderator (in that case I won't be exactly a moderator) is one of my likes as well. I want to re-apply, since I really enjoy being with other NeO members and undoubtedly, I want to become one of them.
- Do you consider yourself to be someone that often rages/curses in chat: I haven't ever done that. Of course we are people, and we can become frustrated sometimes. Though, I think that there's no reason to rage; we do not need to take such things too seriously.

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