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Hello nice to meet you i am Acnologia123, I am ready to be an Verified Player because I like to help people like sh3p47 helpped me and i will help people from now on i wanted to be an verified player my reason why i want to be an Verified Player I like to help and be helped as well,I will respect everybody I like this Server but i need to focus on my study Please,Accept my request to be Verified  :smile: 


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If you continue to post requests, your access to the forum will be completely revoked. I'm now banning all of your alternative accounts. If you create any new ones, we will ban ALL of your accounts including your main one and then ban you from the forum entirely. I do not care for any whining or complaining about how you're not all the same person....the IP is more than enough proof to tell me that ALL of these alternative accounts are connecting here from the same internet (aka, the same person...)


This is your final warning.

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