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00Fraday00 - platoon

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In Game Name 00Fraday00


Your Age: 15


How long you've played BF Hardline For: 1 month


Why you would like to become a Platoon Member: i been playing team neo server 4 month's,  i love to play this server i wanna be a part of platoon team, because i am enjoying playing with friends and helping people, i know i may not be the best player in the server but, i do my own bussiness, :D


Do you consider yourself to be someone that often rages/curses in chat: No I don't , i don't Rage,


Thanks For Readings I HOPE you accept me as a platoon team :)

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uuhm first of all you have to be patient i think your not 


second you tried to troll the forum :/


third i dont see you on the bfh server it could be me but i didnt saw you 


well i wish you goodluck and please be more patient

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Fraday incase you have forgotten, 


You can clearly see Andersons reply, and you even responded on it. So you have seen the reply he wrote. 


ANDERSON said : You will never be accepted for anything if you continue to behave the way you have been so far. I would not waste your time posting more nonsense for at least a month if you hope to ever be accepted. 


Yet here you are again wasting people's time, you are not getting accepted ...  

Letme suggest to not post any more requests it may even get you banned. And perhaps in a few months if you have changed in a good way atleast you could give platoon another shot. 

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