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First ever request for being verified

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Hello there :D

Well I have posted this topic to show my interest and requesting to become a verified player after 4 years in the community, well not going in explain the whole story on what went up on me.

Anyways, I've started off this topic to step up myself to the next level and yet it's because I basically:


°•Spot hackers and whenever there isn't any admin to respond I record and post it in forums on it's exact time(Well not 100% exact on time though..)


°•Pausing people from argueing/insulting or harassing.


°•Understand Middle Eastern language just invade if any one tries to swear on that language I report them(Not a common thing to have in the server to be honest..)


°•Giving suggestions to newcomers on what's best for them to have a fresh,clean and perfect startup to satisfy themselves for starting up(Not by giving them free stuffs.)


And what I used to do that kindly didn't goes exactly by the law will be stopped like:


•~Trying to talk in a negative way that could end up in an insult.


•~Tp killing for no reason(It's not against the rules but it makes players just disappointed and might complain till it ends up with an admin)


•~Showing off or just talk really like a stubborn (I said that again but relates something else with this.)


So I hope everyone could understand on what my interest is and hopefully (Goes rightfully to owners decisions only) will be accepted soon.


With best regards your sincerely,


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Good Luck Masood! I think you deserve to be verified (in my eyes) :)

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