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my name is myrvalco im from the netherlands and i wanna join the platoon :D




ingame name : myrvalco


age: 14 


how long you've played BF hardline : i have played hardline for 115 hours


why would you like to join the platoon ? : because i love the server im almost everyday on and i wanna support it when i am joining another server to do syndicates and i have joined the server when i was like level 25 and now im level 76 


do you consider yourself to be someone who often rage/curse in the chat : well no when i curse its like ''fuck i got killed by sniperino :D'' but when i rage i dont curse and be a dick to people i mostly say ''im raging right now :P'' 



i hope you liked this 


and  i know that im young but im sometimes more mature then adult people cuz some of them are raging alot and saying that people are hackers well there just no as good as they others  :)

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