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Admin request

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My IGN : Red-PaGa

My Age : 15

How long have i been playing BFH? : A month after the Beta ended.

Have i been admin on any BFH server ? : No not on BFH but i've been admin on a lot of minecraft servers.

Why choose me ? : I've been playing Hardline for a bit now and i found this great server with alot of active players so i joined the game, I liked the server and how people play on it.

The one problem was that they didn't have any or alot of admins on there server. So, here i am  im not the kind of person that rages in chat because i get killed a million times. I don't swear very often and i love it to help people that need it. I would also love it to keep the server hacker free cause lately there been some hackers arround.

This was my "admin aplication" :)


Ciao Red-Paga


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