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Your unban request does not conform to the requirements. So it will be treated as a simple question as a pose to a request to be unbanned.


ban reason: Your rude and disrespectful comments towards staff. Your ban will expire in 6days and 12hours.

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[02/01/2016 17:56:03] NL_Bumblebee: server is lagging as hell again....
[02/01/2016 18:46:58] NL_Bumblebee: votekick ISNT HELPING
[02/01/2016 18:47:01] NL_Bumblebee: never works
[02/01/2016 18:47:17] NL_Bumblebee: and stop ignoring me
[02/01/2016 18:49:19] NL_Bumblebee: SERVER NEEDS A RESTART LAGGING AS HELL
[02/01/2016 18:49:27] NL_Bumblebee: jjesus you care about the server or what!!?!?!?1
[02/01/2016 18:54:21] NL_Bumblebee: 1 GUY said we have 0 tolerance for cheaters , but even the easiest option to catch them is locked (spectator)
[02/01/2016 18:55:04] NL_Bumblebee: i catch 2 in a few days
[02/01/2016 18:55:10] NL_Bumblebee: you didnt
[02/01/2016 18:55:21] NL_Bumblebee: who is doing whos job then?
I don't know what planet you live on but you're are NOT an admin, you have no way of knowing exactly how many people I have caught and do not know how big our ban list is...and just because YOU think someone is cheating does not mean we as admins must then ban whoever you think cheats...because what if you're wrong? WE the staff/admins will investigate your report and take action that WE feel is appropriate... it is NOT your job to admin the server. If you think someone cheats, report it and move on...dont insult me because you can't get your way.
And do not tell me that I don't care about the server because the server was lagging... you have NO idea once again...what is being done behind the scenes.... because you're NOT a member of staff.... if the server is lagging, report it to me and go play...disrespecting me in skype with these comments is NOT going to fix the lag...but it will add time to your ban.


Can i also point out you were banned in the past for yourattitude to which you said that when you get say bad things....well....why havent you learnt from that? because get angry from lag and start posting that nonsense on my skype and think its acceptable...

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