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Can I be a Verified?

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Hello , I know I won't have a shot at this but what's the harm of trying.

So anyways faith interest me into being a verified and It took me about an hour or so to really think about it
and now I'm here so here are the reasons why I wanna become a verified:

  1. I will help people if I can but not give them free stuff just cause they want it.
  2. I will stop insulting / swearing / being disrespectful.
  3. I'm very active recently,this probably won't affect much but it's only a small info about my life.
  4. If I saw a rule breaker or suspects one I'll try reporting to the admins mostly mac or emily or faith cause I got their skype... this is pretty much what I do in life right now it's a habit of mine

I feel as if other players and admins might consider me as a trusted player


Welp that's about it honestly I don't have that much to say / type


Anyways thanks for reading this if you are,I would appreciate it if you consider me as trustworthy.


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Hello Blue,

I think you are indeed a kind person and i consider you trustworthy yet i dont always see you helping other players that much, no one expects from you that you give free stuff ofc just some simple info can help them out if you work on this point i think you will become a verified player in no time :wink:

Good luck  :cool:


Edit: btw in my opinion being active is a huge plus 

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Henry Ford once said, "You cant build a reputation on things your going to do."


Similarly according to "Be a decent human being and you can become Verified." So i guess the point I am getting to is that following the rules and doing the right thing will get you another step closer to verified. 


Good Luck

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