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Greetings! I am happy to announce that I am opening membership to our clan, =Rubiks=.
UPDATE: As of October 2016, I am closing clan membership due to low member activity, and because I'm unable to be online as much as I used to be. Players would be better off joining active clans.

What is our clan?

Our clan is a group of trustworthy players who enjoy multiple aspects of the game of Minecraft. I would like it to be a safe haven of sorts, where members can join with the knowledge that they can trust every other member. This clan is not exclusive to a certain playing style, all are welcome. Whether you enjoy farming, building, redstone, or PvP, we will be glad to have you. I would also love to have you if you want others to know that you are trustworthy, but you aren't Verified. However, I do not intend for this clan to be an alternative to Verification, more like a stepping stone towards it, if anything.

What are the requirements?

The main thing I look for in new members is trustworthiness.

My current requirements are:
1. You must have been a member of Team Neo for at least three months. This is to ensure that you are familiar with the rules and know how things work on the server.
2. You must have never been banned, not have had any warnings within the past three months, and have less than three warnings total for all time. If you have alternate accounts, you must have less than three from all accounts combined.
3. You should show qualities of responsibility, kindness, respect, trust, and honesty.

How do I join?

There are three ways to let me know that you are interested in joining:
1. Leave a reply on this thread saying that you are interested.
2. Leave me a message ingame with /mail. My ingame name is RubiksCuber27.
3. /pm me ingame if I am online.


General Information

Current Members

Leader: RubiksCuber27
Co-Leader 1: none
Co-Leader 2: none


Clan Base

Currently under construction.
Estimated progress: about 70% complete

Clan Relations

I consider our clan to be peaceful with all other clans.

Official treaties and pacts:

visionzCraft [=vCraft] non-aggression pact
The-New-World-Order [Order] non-aggression pact
Faze_Clan [FaZe] non-aggression pact
DiamondLegion [Dimd.Leg.] non-aggression pact
lolwuts [TheScourge] non-aggression pact

If you are a clan leader and would like to agree to an official treaty or pact, let me know in this thread or ingame.

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Greetings  , 'The Scourge' is interested in signing an alliance pact with you.



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TheFlow would Like to be In Peaceful packed with 



Sounds good. I'll update my forum above. If you want to do something in game to make it "more official" or something let me know.

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Founded on 15/10/2006 by NeO_Anderson.



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