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Hey guys,

As some of you may know I was recently demoted from verified, I withheld information from staff which I should not have done. I have learnt from my mistakes and am hoping for a second chance at being a verified player, and hopefully even an admin some day.

I am a dedicated player to the server as I have been playing with NeO for quite some time.

I am a very active player in my opinion, I play the server the majority of my day to be honest  :tongue:

I try to help out wherever I can, whether it is helping out with claims, or even giving people items when they need some.

I report rule breakers when necessary.

I am not planning on going anywhere soon so will still be very active ingame, being able to help new players and other players that require assistance.


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Goodluck conor, You honestly deserve it. you're forever helping out and aren't a rule breaker at all and yes you are very very active! Goodluck anyhow!! :) x

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