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Submission for Verified Player

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Hi I am posting this because I have come to like this server so much and I want to become verified

1. I have just started playing on this server and its the only server I play on and I don't really play Single Player so whenever I'm on Miinecraft I'm on the server.


2. I Have not broken any rules other than a couple of curse words that I said unknowingly that they were dis-aloud but I learnt from my mistakes and know not to do it again and not to use the available swear words to put down another player.


3. I don't have a regular minecraft schedule, i'm on and off at different times but when I'm online I'm normally on for 2-5 hours and if an admin is not online when I'm playing I will report any foul behavior to the report it to the next admin I see hopefully I never should have to do it.


4. Once I start to settle in to the server I will help players the best I can from building to just helping them get started/


Thanks for reading my post and I hope you have a great day :)



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