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Hello, Team-NeO.


I've only started playing minecraft this month and I have to say I was immersed in the gameplay.. And I always thought it was a kids game. xD Well anyway, I'm here to request to become a verified player, because why not?


So here are my interests in the game:


1. I'm a fan of building stuffs here, I'm that guy who looks at someone's work and thinks of building mine inspired by it.

2. I'm not the PvP type of guy. I like to play minecraft the way it was meant to be played, it's Humans against monsters, mining, digging, and building with friends.

3. So like what I've said before, I love survival games especially when you play with other people, I love having neighbors in-game. xD

4. I'm not a pro, i'm just starting. But I don't think you need to be a pro to be trustworthy. So, yeah that's why I tried applying for verification.


That's it. That's what I always do when I log in xD. So to sum it all up, I just wanted to be a person who seems trustworthy and by becoming a Verified Player (like what is being advertised in the game), I can be one. I have experiences of being a staff member in other games so I think I know what a trustworthy person should be. Thanks for reading and thank you for your consideration.



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