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Interested into being verified.

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Hello there!


I've gotten interested into being verified to help the server and its players.


I always help other players if I have the chance and even if I don't have the chance I will still try to help them.

I help other players in redstoning , building , and etc. I have made many friends on the server and no enemies or rivals . I wish to help the server to grow its community. I remember me playing on the 1.0 server ( if the 1.0 server is the one with the Neo castle built by bricks / If you are asking my username back then I seem to forgot, sorry. ) , I stopped playing minecraft by that time because of computer issues , now that I am back , I wish to help the server by any means.


Thanks for reading this , even if I am not accepted as verified , I will still help the server.


- xfnix



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