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interested to became verified

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(before someone start saying this topic is eronic or its by a bad guy plz not just read it) hey im interested to became a verified for the reasons:

1 i know very well the rules 

2 im playing for many years  (5) so my expirience is enough to understand a hacker i was using hacks so i know how is 

3 i was always helping poor people so know that i can be trusted i want to show them that the new people and the old can ask for help or for items or for anything that they need

4 i will be fair with everyone no exeptions 

5 i can change my rep to the good with this trust cuz my name isnt so clean




thenx for the time reading my post im not interest to have power and say to the people what they must do and what not i just want to help.. :)

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