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Daemon Lord Minions - Roleplay Clan




     We are the minions of the great Daemon Lord ZarMort'ul. We are here to serve our Lord by helping him come back into the land of the living so he could rule once again, as it is his righful place.




     Centuries ago, there was a great battle for Grosh'MaGour, a land which held the portal to Drahsdia. Our Lord's sworn nemesis KrashDa'Fral, was sending his endless forces through it to try and defeat our Lord ZarMort'ul.

   But after decades of constant battles the invasion forces were down to it's knees. After finally defeating the invader forces our Lord decided that the time to strike back has come. Lord ZarMort'ul has sent the order that his legions go through the portal. Right as the last legion has passed to the other side, and only our Lord with his unholy Necromancer guards were left to go through, the most vile thing happened...



     Our Lord's own Necromancers turned against him. Seeking to gain the ultimate power in the world, they saw the oportunity to do the most treacherous thing. They casted a combined spell to trap our Lord ZarMort'ul and close the portal leading to Drahsdia. By using their vile evil powers Necromancers have raised forces of undead and used them as fuel to summon an eclipse portal leading to a dark wasteland named, Adramash.

   There they imprisoned Lord ZarMort'ul with the Eternal Chains of Torment. The chains drain the life force of the prisoner by sending halucinations, which feel so real, that even the strongest ones that were ever imprisioned with them, have lost their mind.




     For centuries our Lord has been trapped at Adramash, fighting with himself.

But we believe that the day of his return is soon to come. We feel his presence stronger than ever.

He will soon break his own chains and return to rule our land, as he did before.



   Even the Necromancers have felt it. And so they fled, leaving the land plagued with those wretched creatures that come out from their graves at nightfall in order to slow down the Lord, as much as possible, when he returns ...but that won't stop him. 




The day is near...






I'm the leader and sole member of the clan EviLution.


As you noticed, the clan is strickly gonna be roleplay based, which means all builds/structures/creations will be made that way.  

All names, clan lore and minecraft designs/builds is and will be made by me.


Recruitment is closed untill further notice.

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Founded on 15/10/2006 by NeO_Anderson.



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