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DJ For Goverment!

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22nd February 2015

Dear Team NeO

Applying For Verified

Why would I be applying for this role?

I am applying for this role since i started playing Team NeO in 2009—{Present} I have always wanted this opportunity to be a fellow welcoming & responsible member of the NeO team.

I will meet and greet and make sure NeO Members can have the best experience possible! I am a  “Online most of the time” member who likes to involve himself in as much of the action as possible.

I would like to say the “NeO” Admins have done a cracking job and If i get this role I will carry on in there foot steps.

{I would throw myself into things as much as possible}.

Time on NeO

Since 1.0 i’ve always wanted to be a fellow member of this community, and in 2.0 the server has grown a lot. More people have come to the server, also In 2.0 the head admins have added many different aspects  of the 1.0 experience, like donation levels, different hub, option to be verified, and admins, the website has brought attention to new players etc.

People who want to hack, there is no point trying to hack it makes player’s frustrated and give’s the members an unfair advantage, and with the many admins NeO has you will be spotted and will be found, Even a small report on the report system can help remove the hacker from the server!

I would like to offer my time to the server and being a Verified Player would give me the responsibility I am looking for.

Many Thanks


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