Minecraft World Reset(s)?

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Hello, just to clear everything up surrounding the world resets.


Team-NeO will only ever reset a world if any of the following conditions are met:


  1. The world has developed a fault or a player has created something in that world which is severely hindering the server's performance and causing lag elsewhere.
  2. If a new update is released from Minecraft which in order to benefit from fully, requires a world reset. Then a world reset will occur. This will work on a oldest to newest system, which means... we will not reset the most recently added world, we will reset the oldest world added of that type. So to give you an example, right now we have a 1.8 Survival World just added, and our original 1.7 Survival World which is obviously the older of the two. As such, when or if Minecraft releases a new update which meets the above criteria, we will reset the 1.7 Survival World and that will become the new world for the new update.
  3. If the server's resources are needed elsewhere and the world in question is deemed valuable to the benefit of the server then it may be removed. (Possibly only temporary)


If you have any further questions, post here. :smile:


PS: Please remember that it is simply not possible for any 1 single world to be remain on the server indefinately, remember... our attempts using NeORollBack to prolong the time we have to reset is our only hope at delaying the time it takes for the world to become beyond usable. If there is no where to live, everywhere is griefed and we can't expand anywhere for new players to join then something MUST be done to correct that. Now the auto rollback does help for sure, an in theory it should completely fix this but ultimately it is not perfect and eventually there will come a time when we will have to reset the worlds. The same can be said for any multiplayer server its just not possible to not reset the world. So you should expect at some point that the world you live in will be reset. But , it is not something we do often... and we wouldnt do it and give you no option to save anything. For example you can now (an we're keeping this going) allowing you to donate to have your claimed land moved to any where you like...e.t.c.






World Reset Plans For The Upcoming Minecraft Version:


Will we be resetting any worlds?: Yes, at this stage we will most likely be dropping our oldest survival world.

Will any plugin(s) be disabled intentionally?: No

When will the server update?: Whenever a stable version of bukkit is out.

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Old worlds are usually archieved until something goes wrong and we lose them. We do not make old worlds public as quite often the size of the world is just far too great to make this an acceptable thing.

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