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[The] Freemasons - Information

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While the tag of [The] is of alternate origin, the Acacia Bay town builders took it in their stead to pay respect to that once, original, great clan, as they were once members in a past time. These town builders have gone through great challenges in their history, losing many towns to disease and catastrophic cataclysmic anomalies.


They venture on, to advocate fair trade and carry honor into the future generations.



Pax Et Omnibus, Peace be to all.

We are a non violent, trade seeking, helping clan. We do not get directly involved in any conflicts and revoke a members status if they act negatively towards another clan using our name.


Town members do not have to carry the tag's



Leader: Xergxes7

Council Chair 1: Fingers123


Upper Class:












Lower Class:









We prefer not to get involved in clan conflicts however do offer aid to clan's requesting help. Our members are free to do as they please if they are to act in any PvP manner, therefore, for a small fee, our members can be hired to assist in conflicts. If they choose to.


We offer aid in the following forms:

Food Aid

Excess Resources

Fair Trade Agreements

Conflict Resolution - We send a negotiator to help with Clan conflicts.

War Crimes Court


Known Declared Allies:




We build towns and enjoy trading with other clans and individuals.


We have a lodge not too far from the spawn area. The new town will have designated plot sizes being sold at specific prices. All allied clans receive free plots. Infrastructure will be provided.


We have had many successful towns throughout V1 and V2. It always is a fun social experiment and if you wish to partake talk to a town member about joining. There are no real requirements except that your build style must be approved.



Each town member has a right to a say in all town activities. However, there is a hierarchy on final say to the original town members that must always be respected.

No single town member has full control, there must always be a vote taken with all present members. We have a fair court system to settle disputes. Judges must always be neutral to the Town and the situation.


Disclaimer: Things are not as they appear

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Updating the info

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We have a process for it. They have to attend an enquiry in front of a sitting of the council. Then if they admit guilt we sometimes take amnesty. If it involved another player, we offer the opportunity for a court case, which tends to be supported by strong state prosecution. Punishment's involve death, fines, or hard labour.


However depending on severity of crime, they can lose their plot. i.e Acacia bay has  a rule that if you get banned, your plot gets sold so the land does not go to waste.


Respect is a key piece in the jigsaw puzzle that is peace.


We place criminals and problematic towns members in the lower class bracket. User's either were scarce, got banned, committed a crime in town or were generally offensive.

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OMG such a long and complicated process. I think there needs to be a court hearing for TSWizard. He duped! Which is a very serious crime on our server.

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Founded on 15/10/2006 by NeO_Anderson.



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