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Hello , Im going to show you our clan information!


Chaos Is A Well Known A Large Terrorist Organization Based On Plundering and Murdering.

We are divided in 3 Colonies :

The Rheinland (Germany)

The Liberty (United States Of America)

The Bretonia (England)


Way Of Ruling: Dictating


Economy: ReichsMark(RM)


Name: -CHAOS-

Clan Tag: -CHAOS-

Motd: Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Führer. (A Nation , An Empire , A Leader.)

Emperror: Gogo927



Clan Leader: Gogo927

PvPer's General: rollen

PvPer: AlexPickup123

PvPer: Nokiaaa

PvPer: StarBlaze

PvPer: MasterExploder

Member: IDontKnowGaming

Member: Cheyhuahua

Member: PeachyMist

Member: Cococonor97



Clan Leader: Jcash31

PvPer: Akp_Master3

PvPer: Bigdaddy2

PvPer: Theozzie

Pvper: Oobly

PvPer: Tyjoe12

Pvper: Raja



Clan Leader: 2k2Aron

PvPer: MrFusion

PvPer: TheMarcellus

Member: Nanotte


       Clan Territory

Capital: New Berlin Base (Rheinland Territory/Homeworld Of All 3 Clans)

Base: Unknown Research Station (Rheinland Territory)

Base: Kreuzburg Shipyard (Rheinland Territory) In Progress


      Clan Relationships

[The]Acacia Bay - Ally

[VGHS]VideoGameHighSchool - Pact Of Non Aggression

[=vCraft=]VisionzCraft - Pact Of Non Aggression


      Clan Reputations

Accia Bay[The]: +100

VisionzCraft[=vCraft=]: +50

VideoGameHighSchool[VHGS]: +50

Uchiha[uchiha]: +20

TheAdminGroup[NeOAdmin]: +20

Dark[b.Hood]: +/- 0

TheDarkKos[Darkness]: +/- 0

FEAR[<<FEAR>>]: +/- 0

NmSC[NmSC]: +/- 0

-I.C.f-[-I.C.F-]: +/- 0

[][[[[]]]]: +/- 0

GoldenLegion[Gol.Leg.]: +/- 0

AbsoluteBeings[sOUL]: +/- 0

Rubiks[=Rubiks=]: +/- 0

Faze_Clan[FaZe]: +/- 0

WalkOffTheEart[WOTE]: +/- 0

Standart Reputation: +/- 0

DiamondLegion[Dimd.Leg.]: +/- 0

Warriors[Warriors]: +/- 0

King[Kingdom]: +/- 0

WalkOffTheEart[WOTE]: +/- 0

Haerbraoun[T]: +/- 0

The-New-World-Order[Order]: -20


                                  |  -CHAOS- Colony News Service  |


Cambridge Was Built!

We've Finally Made It, Thank you Guys!


An Alliance Has Been Signed!

CHAOS Is Now An Ally With [The] And [FaZe]


Cambridge Is Abandoned.

After A Lot Of Time We Decided To Abandon Our Home Base For Some Reasons.

We Are Making A Project You Guys Are Going To See Soon! :smile:


New Berlin Is Officially Opened!

Lots Of Hard Work Has Been Used To Build This But Our Capital Is Finally Done!

Owners Of Project: Gogo927, 2k2Aron & AlexPickup123

Helpers: Jcash31 & cococonor97


A War Has Been Declared!

We Decided To Break Any Diplomatic Relationships With FaZe And We Declared Them A War!

Prepare Your Weapons And Fight!


We Have Won A War!


We Have Won A War Against [FaZe] After A Day Of Fighting!

Thanks For The Help Of Our Fellow PvPers: jcash31 , 2k2Aron & djcastle612!

Also We Didn't Forgot To Say Thanks to Maffow! :smile:

A Pact Of Non Aggression Has Been Signed!

We Have Officially Signed A Pact Of Non Aggression With [=vCraft=]

Please,do not assassinate their members!


A War Has Been Declared!

We Decided To Declare A War With [Order] For Assassinating Clan Members!

Prepare Your Weapons And Fight For Your Nation!


A Pact Of Non Aggression Has Been Signed!

We Have Officially Signed A Pact Of Non Aggression With [VGHS]

Please,do not assassinate their members!


Chaos Has Been Divided!

We Have Split Into 3 Groups: Rheinland , Liberty And Bretonia!


War Has Ended.

No Reports For Last Fights.The War Has Ended. Nobody has won.


Edited by gogo97

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There is a Faction on a game called "Freelancer". The Faction was called "The Order" so i decided to put this name.

Ive edited it your majesty :)

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Dear -CHAOS- members,


I haven't been on the Minecraft server for a few days, my apologies. However I've heard that certain people are behaving in the way that intimidates and ultimately repels new players that join the server. This is unacceptable and intolerable. I appreciate that you are making the most of the plugin Anderson has provided and that you're enjoying the benefits of belonging to a clan but if you prove to be causing troubles you will need to remove your clan. I will be keeping an eye on website chat and will be checking logs. Furthermore if you have any queries feel free to contact me or NeO_Anderson at any time.


Many thanks...

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A question from pure curiosity.

Why would you rank people like EllaLuxe, and SixPounds, when 1. Most of your members probably have never heard of them and 2. They haven't even been on the server since clans has been reinstated... I seriously just wonder why that's necessary, personal vendetta maybe?

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Too bad it ended like It did, But sometimes getting too much power.. Does come responsibilties. And CHAOS just got to much... I:

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this was more than power, this was about being overkill. 


Some people like to PVP, some people like to build, some people like play minigames... Gogo likes to PVP but why should everyone be forced to like what gogo likes? :S


If this was a PVP only server we wouldn't allow anything other than PVP, but it's not... so if people want to optout of PVP, they have that right to be able to do that... why should they not be given that chance? why should we only allow gogo to be happy and not Bob who just wants to build a really huge castle, or paul who just wants to play slots all day, why should we all be forced to suffer from gogo's sword just because it makes him happy?


This server isn't "gogo's mc server" it's Team-NeO and we don't care if you've been admin on 10 or 1000 servers, this is still Team-NeO and we want to allow the Majority of people ot be happy and enjoy minecraft not just gogo.


If you could understand this very basic thing, things would be different. and if I were a betting man, I bet $100 that those 10 servers you claim to have had admin on , you were eventually banned, removed from admin or the server is pretty much worthless...I don't see how anyone would allow someone with those ^ motives to be admin on a server unless that server is purely pvp... lol. I would imagine you would abuse your powers in anyway you could... as would your associates lol

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