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Found 6 results

  1. Unban request

    Okey i've been playing in team-neo Minecraft server for a month. I am very active player and i have big castles buildings projects. And i play with my younger brother which we using same IP because we live together. Today my younger brother gave me money but we both banned because of same IP. I want to say why can't we play from same IP. That's kind of unfair rule for a siblings who play on same IP. I want to say what if we prove that we are actually separated players who are using same IP. Is there any way to unban us? Like if there is no way we surely will abandon this server thanks!
  2. unban IP address Range

    Hi good day to the admins. I am requesting for the unban of the ip range: - Reason: This is the public IP range of country, the criminal did it using the ip address in this range. Thank you for your time, and i hope that this will be reconsidered. If you are asking: I am not the one who did the crimes, it just happened to be the public ip range of our country. Also this is my first time using my cellular network to play, i used to play at home using DSL, so i have a different IP.
  3. a request

    Hi there ! plz tell me what is spambot ? i didnt login for 2 to 3 days and when i logined today it was written IP BANNED !! spam bot !! plz unban me i didnt posted any ip or spammed...... plz...... :sad:
  4. Got Banned

    i got banned for telling someone my email please help because he wanted to help me with a donation error sorry please unban me
  5. Unbaned

    Sorry for my trouble please you can unbaned me
  6. My In-Game name is: Aviator Reason I was banned: The mod Gamma banned me for not answering his questions which led him to believe that I was hiding something. Reason I should be unbanned: I didn't know Gamma was a mod as his name didn't have Neo_ in it. So i thought he was just a player messing with me and chose to ignore him. Gamma's ban reason was: Not replying to questions and refusing to remove the mods. Other comments that may help the situation: I'm sorry that I might have disrespected the Team's Mods and I hope this will never happen again.


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