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Found 13 results

  1. incomplete unban request

    hello everyone i'm very sorry for insulting or anyting i have do i just want to play in this survival server so please unban me
  2. incomplete maik832

    can i creative build`?
  3. Laalaalaal
  4. Leonistcool
  5. Hello all!Hello admins and headadmin!I'd like to be in creative world.The reason is I like build good thinks!I will don't break any rule of creative world.Thank you if you will accept me! by MissGirly (Galaxy_Girl107)
  6. Hello I'd like to join creative world but I can't :( I want to accept me pls!
  7. hello I want to accept in creative world because I want to make house and things :) PLEASE accept me
  8. incomplete To Private world

    I will like to be added to the Private world because i love to build like arts. i am good at Draw Art like landspace + i will like to be added to the Private world so i can build some good art
  9. my name is THANATOS and i want to join the private world because in the clan of XtremeZer0 and our clan base is in the private world. yes, i have been banned a lot of times but nothing with griefing or stealing form people. greeting RAGTHANATOS
  10. unban request

    please unban me. i had permission from sofia games i ask her in real life
  11. Unbanned Me

    Please unban siver because his just little kid and dont know how to read and he just keep spamming to reaperwithin
  12. Private world request

    Could I get permission to build in private
  13. Private World Request

    I am looking to get a private world so i can build an iron golem farm for some extra cash.