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Found 62 results

  1. Hiya. Itsa me, Draston. I'm aware that it's been a while, but these thing happen. Your in-game name: Draston Reason why we should consider adding you to this world: It's Creative World. I like to build things, but it proves tricky while being grounded and having to collect the proper blocks. What your intentions are in the sense of what you plan to do in the world: I like being creative in my building, so I think maybe something unusual, but still pretty. Maybe help those who request it and such. Are you aware of any upcoming holidays/vacations or other reasons that will mean you will be inactive for a prolonged period of time: There are none for me, however... I haaave been inactive for a good while now... I do other things too these days. If you see this as a future problem, then feel free to decline this request. No hard feelings. I can at least view other players' creations. I think that'd be neat. And I think that wraps it up. Hope you all have a good day. Ciaossu
  2. Hello I'd like to join creative world but I can't :( I want to accept me pls!
  3. Your in-game name. Reason why we should consider adding you to this world. What your intentions are in the sense of what you plan to do in the world. Are you aware of any upcoming holidays/vacations or other reasons that will mean you will be inactive for a prolonged period of time? Eevvsislluft. You should consider me because...well, why wouldn't you is the question? ;) plan, learn, help etc. None that interfere with this.
  4. Hello admins and head andmins!My ingame name is Galaxy_Girl107 and I'd like to be an admin and I will don't break the rules :)Very please accept me
  5. Your in-game name: DJLadybug Reason why we should consider adding you to this world: Well in creative mode you can build as much as you want. You dont need to get supplies and its faster to build in cretive. What your intentions are in the sense of what you plan to do in the world: Building and having fun with others. Iv'e seen some stuff what people have built and I'd to also show off some of my building skills (alltho i suck at building I'll try my best) Are you aware of any upcoming holidays/vacations or other reasons that will mean you will be inactive for a prolonged period of time?: Well no. The only thing that will keep me destracted from the server is school work. With love and appreciation DJ aka Mia <3
  6. pending Verified?

    I would like to request to be verified as I honestly try my best to help people if they need it and just want people to know that i can help and im trusted
  7. The reason I'm posting in this forum is that I've been getting the impression that the player base is lacking of server-verified people and for that matter, I'm more than down to volunteer for the cause. I've been playing since mid 2012(MC 1.3.1) and Team-NeO since late 2012, being my first Minecraft server ever. I've spent many hours whilst learning the mechanics of the game and whatsoever, but whilst doing so, I'd been gathering experience of how this community used to work - there were ALWAYS people who kept asking questions about the game(generally) due to their ignorance, BUT there were usually players who they could reach out to always! But now that times have changed since then, the situation is completely different. Many people left as the server had shut down including the majority of the staff and thus, players of any experience often lack support! Of course, there is a number of admins who dedicate a lot of their spare time for doing these things, but that's not the case as I'm not currently showing my interest in becoming one, but be shown that the trust that's given to me by many people here is verified even by the higher ranks and that they don't need to hesitate to count on me or question my advice. I offer my years of experience with Minecraft, rich general knowledge for my age, understandable and senseful English(doing my best to) and a polite demeanour towards everyone.
  8. pending Creative world

    hello I want to accept in creative world because I want to make house and things :) PLEASE accept me
  9. pending Verified

    hello I'd like so much to be verified.I will don't break any rule in server.PLS make me verified
  10. IGN: roughtoast I would like to build something great, find out who the best builders are in the server and make a masterpeice. I'm unsure of what but.... im thinking a large npc village with everything functioning or ready to work for a player aswell. Recently i have attained the donator status and i would like to build something with the help of the donator features. I am thinking of building another cool structure from the Lord of the Rings or something like that. Id hate to see my month of donatorship be wasted with endless wandering around spawn. As for my time and vacations and such on the server... generally i don't go on vacation like ever.. and for the most part i am on late at night which is early morning for yall in Europe. I figure if i work on it almost every night ill have a masterpiece in no time.
  11. pending verifide request

    hey i would like to be verified my user is novagaminYT
  12. Hi my in game name is XtremeZer0 I have no warns like greifing or any related things as such. Why would I like to be added? I would like to be added so I can build some awesome stuff that is hard to build in creative. I also would like to test things such as Redstone banners etc here before building them in survival. I'm pretty active and also have a good reputation with a lot of the players. Hope I can join - XtremeZer0
  13. pending Fnordcrayfish22

    Very short. My only interest for verified is to be a bit more in the know of the server. Been a long time since I've played, and I'm familiar with how things USED to be. Would be nice to be recognized as a dedicated person.
  14. Hello ! I have been playing on Team-Neo since 2014 and would like to be verified. I report hackers whenever i see them but I only posted once about a hacker. I would also like people to trust me and i want to be a part of the Neo community. :) Ingame Name : TheMarcellus Thanks and regards, TheMarcellus
  15. pending Verification

    i wanted to play a verified player in team-neo so i will register to be verified
  16. pending Verification

    Hi, i'm Block i joined team neo around late 2012, i'm 17 now, and play only on the minecraft server(poopy pc :( ), ever since i joined i loved the community, and now i would like to become part of the team. I always report hackers/abusers when i can and am nice to the rest of the community. for the benefit of all and for overall fun. i want others to know they can rely on me and know i can be trusted. hope you find me eligible to become a verified player, and have a nice day. IGN: BlockLord569(cracked) BlockMcGeez(premium)
  17. An Issue With Kangopt

    Hello everyone, so today, I've had an issue with an admin, his name is Kangopt. So what basically happened is that I called him to check my breeding issue, seems that there is around 11-12 villagers in 1 box, so Kangopt told me to kill some. I asked him how, so he did them instead of me, I told him to kill 4, he went on and killed 9, and he is not rollbacking the issue. My base coords is 2125 / 630 it is underground, but 1 floor so you'll find it easy, he killed the ones in the glass area. Please help.
  18. so i went to /spawn pvp because AineGT wanted to pvp and he attacked me using kill aura i killed him first before he came back and turned his kill aura on again
  19. Beastking64

    Caught him flying again at blue's place. Hasn't removed mods obviously as per Jay's warn. Forgive the tearing and diagonal pix-elation I'm on Linux And someone please suggest a good video sharing platform
  20. In Game Name: Godlik3 Reason For Making A Post: To Let The Community Know About Why I Was Demoted And Why I Would Like To Rejoin NeO. Reason For Re-Applying: I Was Previously Given Verified Status In The Month Of May 2015 But Was Demoted In January Or So Of 2016. Reason For Demotion: I Was Demoted Under Suspicious Circumstances Of Using Mods, Of Which I Explained To Neo_Anderson The Reason And How It Happened Due To Me Living With My Girlfriend Back Then And Her Using My Single Player World Profile For Placing Torches That I Had Asked Her To Do Before Going To College. Being An Avid Redstoner That I Am, Which Anyone That Knows Me Can Vouch For, I Did Have Mods Installed But Only To Make Building Easier And To Do So In Survival So I Can Do Testing. I Had My Reasons For Not Using Creative; Instant Block Destruction Not Being My Favourite Thing Is One Of Them. I Acknowledged That Letting Someone Use My Account Was Wrong On My Part. Obviously Just My Word Would Not Have Sufficed So I Accepted The Punishment. Reason For Why I Should Be Considered For Verified Again: Well Apart From The Fact That I Never Scammed Or Mistreated Anyone, Have Been Playing On NeO Since 2012, I Am Still The Same Helpful Person That I Always Was, Don't Have Anyone Currently Playing Or In The Past That Can Say I Am A Bad Person, Am Active On The Server In The Odd Hours When No Staff Is Available To Help Out (Obviously Being Verified Won't Help But Still Atleast New People Can Trust Me If They Need Help), Am Working On An Awesome Project With Cococonor97, Xfnix, BlueFlameMaster And Hopefully Soon With Akita (Not That It Is Relevant But Just For Proof That I Am Active), It's Been A Whole Year And More Since Then. I Have Grown As A Person, Now Have A Job And Support My Grandmother Whom I Live With Now Since Gramps Passed Away Few Weeks Ago. I Have Outgrown Relationships And Unnecessary Stuff. Mostly Work On My Life Now And Minecraft And By Extension Neo Is The Only Fun I Have In My Busy Life. Still, In No Rush For An Approval As Always. Above All. I Acknowledge My Mistakes And Am Very Sorry. :sad: I Am Ready To Build Upon Them In This Community That I Am Happy To Be A Part Of. :happy: Sorry For The Long Post And Thank You Whoever Took Their Time To Read It. :biggrin: Regards, Godlik3
  21. ||Buy DONATOR sms way||

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, I have a Proposal. Make That Donator could buy sms way .... Because we have a lot of players on the server who wants to buy a Donator but they 'do not have a PayPatal account, and They Can not Buy The Right Donator. Im sorry for mistakes I Lithuanian ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  22. Hello my name is Sam David and my username in TeamNeO server is thecoolguy13248 I wanted to be Verified from a long time but their was a problem in my account so i could not log in but now the problem has been solved and TeamNeo is the best server i have been i am not jocking it is so enjoying people are kind and good because of the good admin and the headadmin i have been obaying the rules and i have always helped people when they are not knowing commands or the rules if anyone starts breaking the rule i explain him saying that please don't break rules and also say that if you break rules you will be punished by the admin and if you want to know anything else about me let me know i will answer all you questions and if you find me breaking the rules then you can even ban me i promise to be good and obay all the rules i hope you accept this Request Thank You Hope You like it
  23. hi admin can i be verifid i dont use mods or mini maps i dont want any trust or permision trust of any player i want just be verifid ok and i not greaf or troll . if you accept that i will be happy :D
  24. Hello Everyone! You might know me, you might not know me, let me introduce myself. I, Scotty69/96 (2 Accounts Haha), am a extraordinaire player, more like assassin to some players, just the ones who deserve to taste my sword, from rule breakers to toxic players. This is not our topic, I'm getting off topic here, lol. So, I'd like to become a verified player, after I came back from ages, I used to play here since Neo 1.0, when pacman used to be here, bunnyminer, alex12345, and many other players. So.. I think I should be verified as I might think of applying for staff later, after I get used to the new plugins and everything, I'd also like to help players, after I see many players wondering what to do and why is that not allowed. Verified would just give me a high reputation too, so I could earn more trust from new players and old players, and they would be sure that I am not a scammer, or a new player killer **mhmm RedFlameMaster, mmmhhhm"... I guess that this should take some time for Anderson and Voltron to think of it, take your time fellows, I'm here for a long time :tongue:! Thank you for reading this thread and taking it into consideration, Kind Regards, Scotty
  25. plz

    im curius and im nice i do follow the rules and i wanna hep out with the players so plz vertifed me plz