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Found 8 results

  1. Hi guys! I play this server for a long time and I never stop :happy:. I love to help players when they need help or when they are in trouble. Even when I cant help I don't give up! I made lots of friends here and im happy to be here with you. Im nice and peaceful. I had lots of names. But im saying with DJLadybug :laugh:. When players are sad I cheer them up! I love you guys and I never change <3 !
  2. Hello am looking to be verified i have been here since 1.5.2 but not in the website in the servers i had a lot of issues since the server updated a lot. I lost all of my friends and i would like to atleast be verified. I Want to be a verified player because i have been playing for sometime hopefully some of my friends would come back so i would like to be more helpful and help others resolve issues and even fights but if am a normal member none would listen That Was My Application If Anyone Knows My Friends Please Tell Me Here Are There Names: nanotte and mounet am not sure if i typed they names right sorry if i did bye guys am sorry for wasting your time bye i might be wrong on nobody listening to me i don't know so yea bye am sorry for naming it application i forgot bout it
  3. It has been two years and couple months since i have started an account and played on this prestigious and magnanimous server , this server persuade me in being totally obsessed with the game MINECRAFT, couple weeks ago my cousin (Pinslice) told me it would be counterproductive if i don't set up a forum account and send in a request to be verified .Through out the several of months on the server i have always practice good behavioral conduct to all of my friends on the game, i also help out in the assisting the new comers with food, tools and "million dolloar" advises. I would be much appreciated if u can make me , be apart of the team NEO_FAMILY .thanks for listening . yours truly SLICEMAN
  4. Hello all. I started playing on Neo's MC server as my first ever multiplayer MC experience. Im not inrerested in fighting for resource in game, I just love building beautiful things and make new friends. I quickly made some great friendships because people like my attitude. Since then I've always helped new players or anyone who needs something and ask me nicely. However, I started to build a reputation for being "free money" or "gullible". More people started to come to me asking for things. I would give them, of course, if they are nice. But some of them just demand "ammor" or "food" to me like a servant even after I tell them they should earn it. Worse than that, a particular player after coming to my old house and setting me on fire, forced me to leave because "nothing can be outside of his castle". Afterwards he apologized so I forgave him and told him he just had to be nice in the first place. Then I moved my house. However, this player then realized that Im nice and tricked me into a pit trap to kill me and took all my things. He then convinced other players to do the same to fool me because he saw it as possible. Now, Im not angry about him killing me, this is a game afterall. What made me upset is all of my efforts and kindness given out makes people think that Im exploitable and silly, when all I want is them looking at me as a friend. That hurts a little in real life, sorry if Im a bit emotional. That is the reason why I write this post. I hope to have a pat on the back and know that the admins appreciate me for what I do. I hope that whenever I see the verified name, I am reminded that kindness does pay, and Im encouraged to keep doing the things I do. Neo MC server is a special place for me. A place where I rush to everyday after school to have an hour or two immersing in another world. A place that makes me believe in friendships over timezones and continents. A place that I wish to be able to be myself, be nice and helpful. Thank you for reading my story :). Even if the request is not accepted, I already feel better to be able to share this. Thank you for your time.
  5. Hello my name is Sam David and my username in TeamNeO server is thecoolguy13248 I wanted to be Verified from a long time but their was a problem in my account so i could not log in but now the problem has been solved and TeamNeo is the best server i have been i am not jocking it is so enjoying people are kind and good because of the good admin and the headadmin i have been obaying the rules and i have always helped people when they are not knowing commands or the rules if anyone starts breaking the rule i explain him saying that please don't break rules and also say that if you break rules you will be punished by the admin and if you want to know anything else about me let me know i will answer all you questions and if you find me breaking the rules then you can even ban me i promise to be good and obay all the rules i hope you accept this Request Thank You Hope You like it
  6. Hi all you people that's reading this, I've actually been thinking about being verified, and I'll let you know why, I want more people to trust me, for example, If I want to trade, most people wont trust me or anything 2. I am a nice person, ( in my opinion ofcourse o3o ) And I am glad to help people out more, I find it 90% impossible to help people out if you ain't verified+ cause no one will trust you ( Exceptions apply ) 3. I will also be on alot more and report / help alot more, cause i will ofcourse be online more :D And another thing is that I am so pissed off at the hopper thing, I probably wont get Verified, But I have to give it a shot!
  7. Hello there :D Well I have posted this topic to show my interest and requesting to become a verified player after 4 years in the community, well not going in explain the whole story on what went up on me. Anyways, I've started off this topic to step up myself to the next level and yet it's because I basically: °•Spot hackers and whenever there isn't any admin to respond I record and post it in forums on it's exact time(Well not 100% exact on time though..) °•Pausing people from argueing/insulting or harassing. °•Understand Middle Eastern language just invade if any one tries to swear on that language I report them(Not a common thing to have in the server to be honest..) °•Giving suggestions to newcomers on what's best for them to have a fresh,clean and perfect startup to satisfy themselves for starting up(Not by giving them free stuffs.) And what I used to do that kindly didn't goes exactly by the law will be stopped like: •~Trying to talk in a negative way that could end up in an insult. •~Tp killing for no reason(It's not against the rules but it makes players just disappointed and might complain till it ends up with an admin) •~Showing off or just talk really like a stubborn (I said that again but relates something else with this.) So I hope everyone could understand on what my interest is and hopefully (Goes rightfully to owners decisions only) will be accepted soon. With best regards your sincerely, BadassCrafter(Masood)
  8. Hello Anders, I would love to be a verified player because i like helping others out but honestly I like the respect i would get and the color of the username. I hope you find me a good and reasonable player to promote me to a verified player. And most importantly have good day!


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