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Found 76 results

  1. Hello my name is THANATOS(ingame name: RAGTHANATOS) As i said above my name in THANATOS also know as RAG and in the tab my name is RAGTH atm... I have played on the server for many year now. I thought a lot bout making request, but i never seemed the right time for it. the reason i do it now is because today at 7 february 2019, I havent been banned for a year. huray.(dont know if i should be proud since it should be normal not to break the rules...) I have helped a lot of new player and report every rule breaker and bug i see. i know like all the rules of the server.(mostly since i broke allmost all of them...) i play almost everyday so i know a lot of people and a lot of people know me. i wanna be become verified so people can see Im reliable. Im also selling donations to people, so also the people who dont have access to paypall or creditcard can have a nice rank. thanks for your patience by reading this. Greeting from the might THANATOS PS. i might add more below, but atm Im out of idea for writing:)
  2. My IGN is Hood82. I've been a part of Team NeO since 2014. Getting verification does not mean "power" and being "superior" to players in this community. I used to be inexperienced and as a result used to use x-ray mods which resulted in 2 warnings. I have no intention to cheat or exploit glitches in the server. I have not got into any trouble since that day, roughly 2015. Throughout the years of playing on this server, I felt like I belong here and one way I can contribute to this server is to be a verified member and show others that they can trust me. I am becoming more knowledgeable about the recent updates and committed to helping players. Not only do I want to help players, I want to make this server an enjoyable place. I usually start conversation to get closer to players and really get to know this community. The only reason I ever play Minecraft is to come on this server because I sincerely enjoy it. I understand that I have had 2 warnings in the past due to me simply being clueless and extremely dumb. I am aware of the rules and regulations that comes with becoming a verified player. I have learned from my mistakes and hope you could see the loyal player I am today. Thank you for the opportunity.
  3. Your in-game name. RajaBhai10 Reason why we should consider adding you to this world. I like to build structures and do redstoning. I would like to add beauty to our Creative World. What your intentions are in the sense of what you plan to do in the world. I plan to build unique and beautiful buildings/structures. Are you aware of any upcoming holidays/vacations or other reasons that will mean you will be inactive for a prolonged period of time? I'm aware that the won't be any upcoming holidays or vacation which would make me inactive in our server. I don't mind getting rejected as i can at least view other's marvelous creations.
  4. To all admins and players, My in game name is hood82. I have had 2/3 warnings due to x-ray and advertising. However, these were during 2015, roughly 4 years ago. So much as changed including myself. I am currently a donator and haven't gotten into any trouble since. I have no interest nor any intention in cheating anymore. I really enjoy playing with everyone on this server and hope that I could be chosen and have the opportunity to play with others in creative. While I do lack the experience in building large-scale monuments, many individuals on this server have taught me so much since 2014. I have come a long way and hope you can see through the inexperienced player I was. Through creative mode I hope to learn from others and help invest in making buildings with other players. I read the rules and information and understand what is expected and respect your final decision. Thank you. -Hood82
  5. pending Verified Request

    Hello DeadlyChemist here I’m highly interested in becoming verified. I have many reasons for Becoming verified. I consider myself a trustworthy player. Many players trust me at their big bases or even clan bases without any limitations. Many new players, that first join the server already get help from me, Like some free food, server commands, tools and more. I reported few impersonators, chat flooders or just people doing wrong stuff, as well as donated both with Money as well as time to the server community with building open farms I think the server community already trusts me but also needs me. Also, I currently have more played hours than many players combined, my main account has ≈ 1 050 hours and my 2nd account ≈ 800 h which equals the 1st and 3rd place on Team-Ne0 regarding playing time
  6. pending Unban request

    My In-Game name is: XxTheDeivisLTxX Reason I was banned: xxthedeivisltxx/bloodwood ban evading after previous permant ban Reason I should be unbanned: I think that, during this time, I was blocked by the perceived mistakes made and made me feel better. At the time I received the bloat, I could say I was a kid. Now I'm mature and I'm not getting any more foolish. Being this server I like the uniqueness, I have not seen any similar server in this one. I think you will understand me. (Sorry for my english i'm not england.) Other comments that may help the situation: I was getting a ban for my xxTheDeivisLTxx account and started playing with another BloodWood account because I could not get out almost one day without this server. Now, for me this time, I've missed the job I've been bombarded with on this server, it seems like 2 life-long ones .. :( Plz unban me. I hope you understand my situation. ScreenShot :
  7. HocusMavis for building cool and interesting things I have been looking forward creative access on the mc sever for vacation or long periods of inactivity I plan on leaving the server while I am gone and will be on discord if posble
  8. Hi there, my name is Loïs and IGN is lois_nta. After 1,5 year I felt like it was finaly time to try to get verified. I think that in my time on this server I've proven myself trustful and also helped a lot of players, as I still do when I can. I try to report impersonaters or hackers with screen evidence to keep this server honest. I've also built a lot in my claims and in creative and I've never griefed or scammed or something. To be clear I have no desires of becoming an admin, I just wish to be known as a trustful player. Thank you for your time :)
  9. My in-game name: MoxFox Reason why you should consider adding me to this world. Im an very cretiva person who love any way to impove my self at build/redsone/banner etc. What is meintentions are in the sense of what im plan to do in the world. well im playing to make house/redstone/banner and more that i haven't tough of yet Are you aware of any upcoming holidays/vacations or other reasons that will mean you will be inactive for a prolonged period of time? Im not so sure about this my holidays are random at best. but i will try to be one atlest 2 time an weak
  10. Your in-game name: Jicklus Reason why we should consider adding you to this world: I want to kill some time and make some friends and hope people appreciate what I build. What your intentions are in the sense of what you plan to do in the world: Make buildings and what not. I kind of want to make a millennium falcon too. Are you aware of any upcoming holidays/vacations or other reasons that will mean you will be inactive for a prolonged period of time: Not really.
  11. Hello I'm a player named Pastalion (as you can just check it in this post). And I'm a builder, well I can't classify myself a good one but I would like to have access to creative world and build structures and practice my building skills. I hope I can play in the creative world soon enougth. And start playing creative. If you need any information about me please notify me and i will be sure to reply. thanks for your time, Pastalion
  12. As you (Anderson) suspected my IP is probably changing. I got banned for 1 week and it's been like 1 month and now it says i have range ban again. User name - TomerH260 Ban info - "Your IP Address ( is RangeBanned. Reason : Multiple rule violations. By: Console. Please help me.
  13. pending Creative world

    i really wanna join the creative world, because then i can fly and build with every block. that is sometimes the problem, when i want to build something but i dont have the blocks. in creative world i have. i wanna build pixelarts and nice buildings (sometimes with RAGTEMPOS) i wont be offline much RAGKRATIS
  14. pending maik832

    can i creative build`?
  15. pending Unban request (again..)

    I have ban for ban evading.. Plz unban My nick : XxTheDeivisLTxX I got ban ~2years ago. Plzz unban :/
  16. ingamename: RAGTEMPOS i like building in creative and i love the server. i will build pixelarts and join the building competition. i wont be offline for a long time in the coming months. Greetings TEMPOS
  17. pending Leonistcool

  18. pending Leonistcool

  19. Creative world request
  20. pending creative world

    username : jadetdm I am very good at building my mind is very creative I come up with brilliant ideas and I love building I'm goning to build houses , pixle art and a statue I wont be going on any holidays soon I hope not
  21. Hello admins and head andmins!My ingame name is Galaxy_Girl107 and I'd like to be an admin and I will don't break the rules :)Very please accept me
  22. pending Verified?

    I would like to request to be verified as I honestly try my best to help people if they need it and just want people to know that i can help and im trusted
  23. The reason I'm posting in this forum is that I've been getting the impression that the player base is lacking of server-verified people and for that matter, I'm more than down to volunteer for the cause. I've been playing since mid 2012(MC 1.3.1) and Team-NeO since late 2012, being my first Minecraft server ever. I've spent many hours whilst learning the mechanics of the game and whatsoever, but whilst doing so, I'd been gathering experience of how this community used to work - there were ALWAYS people who kept asking questions about the game(generally) due to their ignorance, BUT there were usually players who they could reach out to always! But now that times have changed since then, the situation is completely different. Many people left as the server had shut down including the majority of the staff and thus, players of any experience often lack support! Of course, there is a number of admins who dedicate a lot of their spare time for doing these things, but that's not the case as I'm not currently showing my interest in becoming one, but be shown that the trust that's given to me by many people here is verified even by the higher ranks and that they don't need to hesitate to count on me or question my advice. I offer my years of experience with Minecraft, rich general knowledge for my age, understandable and senseful English(doing my best to) and a polite demeanour towards everyone.
  24. pending Verified

    hello I'd like so much to be verified.I will don't break any rule in server.PLS make me verified
  25. pending verifide request

    hey i would like to be verified my user is novagaminYT