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  1. Maccatackz (i'm popular you should know me) Building in survival sucks and would love to be able to create buildings that would be a right pain to build in survival, hopefully create some spicy masterpieces To create a lovely small suburban town and any other smart ideas i come up with I've finished exams and i am starting to become more active than i have in the past few months, no holidays until the end of the year
  2. Maccatackz

    Monthly Build Competitions

    keen as a bean
  3. Maccatackz

    pls unban it was all sheep's fault

    Why doesn't your friend post an unban request then
  4. Maccatackz

    pls unban it was all sheep's fault

    All of your warns are to do with insulting, All 7 of them, Why should we let you come back as it looks like you have not learnt your lesson to stop insulting
  5. Maccatackz

    pls unban it was all sheep's fault

    "and now you destroy my everything" alright, You brought that on yourself, I gave you so many chances to stop making homophobic jokes but you chose to ignore the multiple verbal warnings i gave to you, Then you went on to racism, Which is absolutely terrible. Quite some admins aren't we if we gave you multiple chances to stop making homophobic behaviors and you chose to ignore, Good day sir
  6. Maccatackz

    Unbann me Range Banned

    Posting 2 topics is not going to help get unbanned there's no ban under your name
  7. Maccatackz

    nischkar - verification request

    Well your argument is invalid, 1. Being verified isn't all about 'standing out' or showing who is old or new, I wasn't an old player when I was verified. Verified players are classed as trusted players they aren't classed as old players. They are there to show that you are a trusted player. Edit this post on why you should become a verified player and why you should be trusted -Macca
  8. Maccatackz

    My Spawn Entry

    Yeah I'm planning on working on that
  9. Maccatackz

    My Spawn Entry

    This is what it started out like.
  10. Maccatackz

    ben300099 - Verification request

    I Thought this was bubba?
  11. Maccatackz

    Admin Request

    10/10 best name ever
  12. Maccatackz

    00Fraday00 - Platoon

    *Macca claps slowly* Idk if your joking or not tbh
  13. Maccatackz

    Collaboration Picture

    stop abooosin ya powers!
  14. Maccatackz

    cococonor97 has been promoted to: Minecraft Admin

    don't go around ABOOSIN YA POWAS
  15. Maccatackz

    Hall of Fame 1.9

    Well i could have added that in the castle but nevermind lol

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